Leapdroid: Pioneering Android Emulation Innovation in Suzhou, Jiangsu China

Leapdroid: Pioneering Android Emulation Innovation in Suzhou, Jiangsu China


The city of Suzhou, Jiangsu, China, is rapidly emerging as a global hub for the Software industry. This historic city, known for its sweeping canals and meticulously designed gardens, is proving to be an attractive destination for a range of software, IT and tech companies, thanks to its robust infrastructure and conducive business environment. This article explores some of the thriving software-based companies that call Suzhou their home.

The companies range from pioneers in big data analytics, fintech, autonomous vehicles, cloud computing to corporate training, logistics, and gaming. They showcase Suzhou’s vast potential as a global player in the rapidly changing landscape of digital technologies, thus attracting diverse and innovative startups, entrepreneurs, and established corporations. Without further ado, let’s delve into the profiles of these companies making big moves in the heart of China.


Playing a leading role in the booming fintech space is Qichacha, providing valuable data analytics and business intelligence services. Founded by Deqiang Chen and Jing Yang in 2014, Qichacha’s mobile application provides useful data on more than 100 million companies to Chinese consumers/professionals. View Qichacha profile.


Next up is Yunxuetang, a company that focuses on corporate training and professional services founded by Jane Ding and Ruize Lu. Their mission is to enhance the value of talent in enterprise settings with a comprehensive training platform. Their business model encapsulates the concept, ” a business is a university.” Link to Yunxuetang Profile

Venti Technologies

Moving onto Autonomous vehicles, we have Venti Technologies. This company is redefining logistics with its groundbreaking autonomous systems, aiming for safer and faster goods transportations. Check their Facebook Profile Here.


Focusing on software and virtual workforce, GaiaWorks was launched by Alex Zhang, Simpson Zhang, and Steven Wei. It offers a comprehensive workforce management system to improve satisfaction and productivity.


For cloud computing, we have Bocloud, a firm that gives professional cloud services to enterprise customers, founded by Hua Lei. It has several independent intellectual property rights in the IaaS/PaaS/Automation Maintenance field.


SIGER, a big data and information services company creates innovative solutions for industrial processes, with a focus on the precision manufacturing field. View SIGER profile.


If we turn attention towards logistics, YunLSP, a B2B logistics SaaS and cloud services platform comes into the picture. Founded by Zhongguo Jin, it provides comprehensive solutions for ports, shipping firms, and more. LinkedIn profile of YunLSP.


Then we have Allgsight, a tech startup specializing in artificial intelligence and AR technology improving visual abilities of patients with low vision. This exciting company was founded by Fei Gao.

Centec Networks

Centec Networks co-founded by James Sun, supplies core-chips and SDN exchange platforms. The company has built a comprehensive exchange chips family of the TransWarpTM Ethernet series. Follow Centec Networks on Twitter.


Movitech, is an Information Technology company based in Suzhou. Although the details of its founders are yet to be publicly disclosed, the company continues to make its mark in the IT space. Visit their LinkedIn Page here.

Joyme Technology

Lastly, Joyme Technology, a mobile game development company. Offering more than just game design, Joyme Technology also works on integrating technology within all industries, including industrial incubation, technology services, and financial investment.

In summary, Suzhou is a vibrant, diverse, and rapidly evolving digital hub. It is a testament to the remarkable growth and progress of software and tech companies making strides globally. We look forward to seeing these companies grow and thrive in the bustling city of Suzhou.


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