Leapdroid: Pioneering Android Emulation Innovation from Orem, Utah

The heartland of the tech industry in the United States may be Silicon Valley, but don’t discount Orem, Utah. Located at the base of Mount Timpanogos in the Wasatch Range, Orem has quietly been building a robust Information Technology industry over the past several years. A diverse set of companies ranging from CRM and network security to e-commerce and employee benefits providers have set down roots here. These companies, some well-established and others just startups, are doing some genuinely innovative things in the realm of IT.

What’s perhaps exciting about the Orem tech scene are the niches many of these companies occupy. We’re not merely looking at another cluster of consumer-facing apps. Here you’ll find companies working on employee recognition programs, customer experience improvement tools, and indirect routes to market designing – among other things. It’s broad evidence of how the tech industry’s tendrils extend into every aspect of our lives.

To celebrate the tech industry in Orem, we’re dedicating this article to some of the city’s standout companies. We’ll provide a brief overview of each, along with a summary of their operations, target audiences, and specialties. We hope this provides some insights into Orem’s contribution to the IT industry.


Nectar, founded by Andrew Hollis, Jackson Horne, and Trevor Larson, operates in the Human Resources, Information Technology, and SaaS industries. Their platform focuses on employee recognition and rewards, fostering a connected culture whether the workforce is centralized or distributed. You can learn more about them on their platforms: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

LiveView Technologies

Providing remote camera and data acquisition systems and solutions is LiveView Technologies. Established by Ryan Porter, it serves both private and public entities. Check them out on their social handles: Facebook, LinkedIn.


Slingshot, founded by Chris Hunstman, Evan LaPointe, J. Taylor Olson, and Tylan Walker, operates across various sectors, including Business Intelligence, Consulting, CRM, Home Services, and more. Since 2014, the company has been assisting pest control companies in adapting to the on-demand economy. Their platforms include: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.


Ovation, founded by Michael Norton and Zack Oates, operates in multiple sectors ranging from Advertising to Software. Their business model focuses on improving customer experience, garnering more customers and repeat business. They can also be found on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Plena Data

Grounded in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Data Center Automation, Information Technology, and Software, Plena Data, established by Dave Aditya, offers Robotic Process Automation technology. More about them can be found on LinkedIn.

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