Leapdroid: Pioneering Android Emulation in Burlington’s Tech Industry Scene

In the heart of Burlington, Massachusetts lies a vibrant Information Technology (IT) industry, home to various pioneering companies dedicated to transforming and enhancing the world of technology. These corporations range across various sectors from enterprise software and artificial intelligence to network security, data integration, and more. Here, we introduce some of the noteworthy IT companies headquartered in Burlington, taking a closer look at their origins, mission, service offerings, and significant contributions to the tech industry.

Each of these companies has carved a unique niche in the vast ocean of IT, sparked by ingenious ideas, deep technological expertise, and visionary leadership. They’re not only offering cutting-edge solutions but also reshaping and influencing the way businesses operate, making lives easier, and securing digital assets, among other benefits.

Read on to explore these incredible corporations that, in the words of software engineer Alan Kay, are ‘inventing the future’ right from the heart of Burlington, Massachusetts.

Appfire Technologies

Co-founded by Mat Gauvin and Randall Ward, Appfire is dedicated to empowering teams with optimized software solutions. Launched in 2005, Appfire operates in the Enterprise Applications, Enterprise Software, Information Technology, and Software industry, providing a robust platform to support founders and team effort in building incredible solutions. Find them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and join their Twitter conversation at @appfire.

Arcadia io

Arcadia io is a game-changer in the healthcare industry, focusing on data aggregation, analytics, and workflow software for value-based care. The data asset they create and apply expert insights to at the point of care aids their customers in achieving excellent financial results in their risk-sharing contracts. The company is also active on Facebook, LinkedIn, and their Twitter handle is @ArcadiaHealthIT.

128 Technology

Co-founded by Andy Ory, Michael Baj, Patrick MeLampy, and Patrick Timmons, 128 Technology offers professional-grade software-based routing solutions, teaching routers the language of applications and services for better network adaptability. You can join their active community on Facebook, LinkedIn, and follow them on Twitter via @128technology.

Invisible Universe

Invisible Universe is an internet-first animation studio, utilizing the power of social media and web3 platforms to develop original character IP, with a mission to create new animated franchises faster and more economically than traditional models.


MatrixSpace, co-founded by Gregory Waters and Jose Martinez Lorenzo, delivers next-gen AI-enabled sensing solutions. The company’s industry-leading sensing, AI edge processing, and RF communication capabilities offer real-time solutions for detecting objects, motion, and direction. Learn more about them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and follow their updates on Twitter at @MatrixSpaceAI.


Co-founded by Guru Pai, Kumar Vishwanathan, Rick Clemmer, and Sundar Rangamani, Privafy redefines data-in-motion security by offering protection in an easy-to-use cloud-native service. They protect data as it moves between locations, clouds, mobile devices, and IoT. Privafy’s innovative approach works with existing infrastructure to guard against data-centric attacks. Follow them on Twitter at @privafy and connect with them on LinkedIn.


Founded by Purandar Das and Shanthi Boppana, Sotero offers a data protection platform that provides comprehensive field-level encryption for data in use, at rest, and in motion across on-premise and cloud data stores. Connect with them on LinkedIn and follow them on Twitter at @soterosecure.

Viken Detection

Viken Detection, co-founded by Hal Grodzins and Peter Rothschild, focuses on X-ray physics and the design of analytical devices. The company is a recognized leader in handheld imaging, providing solutions particularly valuable to law enforcement. Learn more about them on LinkedIn.

Co-founded by Matt Harper,, Inc. is a technology company that operates in the data center and mining technology sectors. They are active on social media, including Facebook and Twitter. Also, connect with them on LinkedIn.

Bridgeline Digital

Co-founded by Thomas Massie, Bridgeline Digital provides web application management software and interactive business technology solutions, optimizing business processes. Get connected with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter via @Bridgeline.


Co-founded by Jack Huntress, HomeBinder offers a comprehensive online home management tool, enabling homeowners to keep all of their home/property information in one place. Stay updated with HomeBinder on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter via @homebinder.

These Burlington-based companies are continuously striving to redefine the future of IT, bringing innovative solutions and trends to various industries and sectors. Their combined efforts indeed make Burlington a prime location for robust advancements in the world of information technology and software solutions.

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