Leapdroid: Pioneering Android Emulation from Silver Spring Headquarters


Silver Spring, Maryland – the city that beats to the rhythm of tech innovation, is a hotbed for software and tech companies. It is home to a myriad of software and application development companies both established and start-ups, contributing to the robust digital economy of the region. In this article, we will explore some of these shining tech stars operating in and around Silver Spring, each with their unique offerings in the Software industry.

From providing developer APIs, deploying sophisticated robotic vision, and managing mobile security, to offering bespoke consulting and recruitment solutions, these companies showcase the diversity and dynamism of Silver Spring’s tech scene. Through relentless innovation, these enterprises continue to redefine productivity and efficiency in various verticals, including Information Technology, Human Resources, Healthcare, Events Management, and more.

So, let’s embark on this fascinating journey through Silver Spring’s software and tech landscape and get acquainted with these trendsetting stakeholders of the region’s digital revolution.


Founded by David Goldschlag and Kevin Sapp in 2021, Aembit is a pioneering Workload Identity and Access Management platform, which operates from Silver Spring, Maryland. It provides powerful tools to manage, enforce, and audit access between federated workloads, firmly placing the control back in the hands of the users. Aembit has a strong presence on LinkedIn.

Robotic VISION Technologies

Robotic VISION Technologies (RVT) leverages advanced technologies to enable machines to ‘see, think, and do.’ Founded by Rick Weidinger, RVT’s vision guided robotic software products are changing how industries function. You can follow RVT on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Everhire, pioneered by Paul Bradley Slay and Yannick Cohen, is revolutionizing the recruitment model by making it accessible and beneficial for small and medium-sized companies. The company can be reached on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


MobileSpaces, co-founded by David Goldschlag and Yoav Weiss, is the go-to solution for enterprises looking to mobilize their applications, govern their data, and respect the privacy of their employees, setting new standards in BYOD policies. For more information, visit their Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter pages.


OSP LABS, led by Riken Shah, is an insights-as-a-service provider harnessing global health data to solve today’s healthcare challenges. Connect with OSP LABS on their Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter pages.

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