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College Station’s Software Giants: Part 1

College Station, Texas – popularly known for universities and cowboy boots, lately it’s been making a significant punch in the tech industry. The plethora of software companies that have blossomed in this region calls for recognition. This article highlights some of the remarkable companies propelling College Station to the forefront of the tech world, hence becoming an untapped haven for tech enthusiasts and startups alike.

Apart from its rich history and the prestigious Texas A&M University, the town is now home to an array of companies specializing in everything from analytics, software development, to SaaS. The pace of growth of these companies has been quite remarkable considering the competitive nature of the tech industry. Innovative ideas, talented workforce, and the welcoming nature of College Station have contributed greatly to this phenomenal growth.

This is the first article in a series that shines a spotlight on some of the companies operating in the software industry in College Station, Texas. Let’s get to know these companies, their founders, and the great work they are doing in this field.


Founded by Chris Wang, SEC3 is the forefront of web security with its saturation in IT Infrastructure, Software, and Web Apps. Their techniques to secure the web revolve around comprehensive security audits and infrastructure platforms. Connect with them via their LinkedIn page and on Twitter @Sec3dev.

Veros Systems

Alex Parlos and Tommy Knight are the brains behind Veros Systems, a company that leverages technology to foster energy efficiency among industrial customers. Their web-based Predictive Intelligence Platform uses nonintrusive monitors, which has seen its popularity soar in the sector. You can find them on LinkedIn and Twitter @verossystemsinc.


Analysis and detection of race conditions in complex software have been made easier by Coderrect. The ability to fully analyze software without running it cuts down the testing time significantly and increases production.


Founded by Brandon Wright and Justin Thatcher, AIMaps offers an integrated asset management platform that combines mapping, tracking, project management, and business analytics. It was established in 2018, and has since then provided users with an exceptional interface for managing assets. You can connect with them on their LinkedIn page or on Twitter @aimaps1.

SKALE Technologies

Co-founded by Jared Brank and Kit Kerbel, SKALE Technologies falls under the computer software industry. Connect with them on their LinkedIn page.


Whitson Waldo founded Innovian, a digital marketing consultation service provider. The company helps clients discover deeper insights and is based in College Station, Texas. Connect with them on their LinkedIn page.


Founded by William Gould, StataCorp is known for its Stata statistical software. A complete integrated statistical package that provides everything you need for data analysis, management, and graphics. Follow them on their socials Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter @stata.


Kevin Lozer and Roger Pine co-founded Holistiplan, a company that provides financial services, information technology, and software for the service industry. Connect with them on their LinkedIn page and on Twitter @holistiplan.


ClaimPilot is a web-based claims management software designed for insurance professionals. A fast-growing company committed to offering the best claims management system on the market. Connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter @claimpilot.

FrogSlayer Software

Ross Morel founded FrogSlayer Software, a company that builds and maintains custom software to help growing companies tackle the frustrations of their existing systems. Helping clients discover a unique digital edge, they have, since 2011, helped their clients generate over $250M in new revenue. Connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter @FrogSlayerLLC.


Founded by James Benham, SmartReality is a product of JBKnowledge, specializing in Augmented Reality, Information Technology, and Software.

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