Leapdroid: Nairobi’s Trailblazer in Transformative Mobile Application Development

The flourishing tech scene in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital and largest city, continues to drive innovative solutions across a range of sectors, including mobile and app technologies. A hub of digital innovation and entrepreneurship, Nairobi hosts a number of noteworthy companies operating in these spaces. Today we shine a light on several such organizations propelling the mobile industry forward.

The companies range from mobile network operators to mobile-first platforms for entrepreneurs, each with a distinct mission and an intriguing backstory. They demonstrate the capabilities and creative potentials of Kenya’s tech sector. The companies headquarters are all based in Nairobi, reflecting the city’s position as a strategic launchpad for tech operations in Africa.

From empowering small and medium enterprises with mobile money solutions, to enabling individuals to transform their mobile numbers into postal addresses, these companies are reshaping the way we interact with technology and the world at large. Let’s meet the movers and shakers in Nairobi’s mobile industry.


Safaricom was founded in 1997 by Michael Joseph. This mobile network operator offers a diverse range of internet connectivity, information management, voice, and communication solutions that serve small, medium, and large corporates. Safaricom’s services range from international calls, roaming, data storage, recovery and backup, online information storage and archiving, mobile banking services, wide area networks and more.


Founded by Neil O’Leary, MYDAWA is an innovative service that allows individuals to buy a wide range of high-quality medications and wellness products affordably and conveniently via mobile applications. Its goal is to provide seamless digital access to healthcare products.


Sky.Garden, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) e-commerce platform, was created by Christian Grubak and Martin Majlund. The platform allows African retailers to manage and sell inventory with ease. Sky.Garden is designed to empower retailers with inventory control and immediate payment reconciliation in an automated platform that comes with local shipping and payment options out-of-the-box.

Africa’s Talking

Founded by Eston Kimani and Samuel Gikandi in 2010, Africa’s Talking is a mobile solution company that offers a variety of SMS, voice, and USSD functionality across mobile providers in Africa. The company also provides them with APIs to let clients’ businesses expand and thrive.

Kopo Kopo

Founded by Ben Lyon and Dylan Higgins, Kopo Kopo is a fintech company that helps Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) accept, process, and analyse mobile payments in real-time.


Co-Founded by Kenfield Griffith and Louis Majanja, mSurvey is a mobile-focused consumer experience and feedback platform providing real-time and data-driven decision-making capabilities to businesses. It liberates communication channels between customers, employees, and businesses to reveal transformative insights.


Flexpay Technologies, founded by Richard Machomba, offers an automated platform that enables merchants and their customers to manage flexible payment services for purchases via mobile money and bank transfer platforms.

Maramoja transport

Maramoja is a socially powered on-demand transport service provider that connects you to trusted drivers in your network. The service is available on-demand via mobile app.


Created by founders Abdulaziz Omar and Twahir Mohamed, MPost is an innovative mobile solution that allows individuals to turn their mobile numbers into postal addresses, granting them easy access to postal services through their mobile phones.

Mobile Decisioning

Founded by Julian Kyula, Mobile Decisioning is a technology company that provides mobile value-added services including emergency airtime credits to mobile network operators in emerging markets.

Hustle Sasa

Hustle Sasa, co-founded byMichael Denuh and Peng Chen, is a mobile-first platform that allows entrepreneurs to start and develop businesses, both online and offline.

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