Leapdroid: Leading Web Design Solutions in Edmonton’s Tech Industry

Edmonton, Alberta possesses a vibrant business culture and reaps the bounties of innovative technological advancements. Numerous companies are running their operations in Edmonton, significantly contributing to the city’s thriving business landscape. Amid them, an array of web design companies are making their mark in the tech sector. Let’s take a closer look at some of these companies.

The web design industry is crucial for the mature tech ecosystem of Edmonton as it plays a pivotal role in delivering contemporary digital solutions. These companies lend a captivating visual appeal to a business’s digital infrastructure and significantly aid in the creation of their online identity. Offering a diverse range of services including information technology solutions, digital marketing, artificial intelligence, and software development, these companies are the spearheads of innovation in Edmonton.

The following companies stand as prime examples of excellence in the web design industry in Edmonton. They are driving innovation and providing a myriad of services ranging from advanced AI applications to personalized marketing strategies. Let’s dive into the details of these companies.

Dingus and Zazzy

Founded by Jonathan Sturgeon, Dingus and Zazzy operates as a full service marketing department. Their services span across a multitude of domains such as advertising, brand marketing, consulting, and more. They take pride in their commitment to providing unlimited service on all projects. Find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Operating in the fields of advertising, digital marketing, and web design, Web3 strives to deliver unparalleled service. They can be found on Facebook and on Twitter under the handle @web3marketing.


Leading the AI-powered software development industry in Canada, Vellgus stands out with its uniquely customized solutions. They keenly monitor the latest advancements in AI, machine learning and other technologies to offer solutions that put their clients ahead. You can find them on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter at @vellgus_com.

Yellow Pencil

Founded by Paul Bellows, Yellow Pencil specializes in web design, development, and hosting. They have been transforming public sectors with digital solutions since 1996. They are on Twitter at @yellowpencilweb, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Paper Leaf

Paper Leaf, founded by Jeff Archibald, provides a wide range of digital products, from app development to digital strategy. They are recognized as Alberta’s expert app development firm and have won multiple awards. Follow them on @paper_leaf, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Devon Bortscher, SAVIAN offers a myriad of services including web design, animation, branding and more. They understand the complexity of modern marketing solutions and are ready to tackle the challenges. Connect with them on @savianinc, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Worldprofit, under the leadership of George Kosch and Sandi Hunter, has been making its mark in the internet and web design sectors. Catch up with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Redman Technologies

Elisse Moreno founded Redman Technologies with the aim to provide cutting-edge online solutions for real estate professionals. Follow them on Twitter at @redmantech, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Operating in the domains of e-commerce and web design, Mediashaker provides solutions for various businesses. They are also connected over LinkedIn.


Habit, founded by Tim Hanas, is driving progress in Advertising, Marketing, and Web Design. Stay updated with them on @habitHQ, Facebook and LinkedIn.


AIVIA provides exceptional solutions in enterprise software, mobile apps, web design and development. Stay connected with them on Twitter at @aivia_inc, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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