Leapdroid: Leading the Software Industry from Zagreb, Croatia

Leapdroid: Leading the Software Industry from Zagreb, Croatia

The Software industry in Zagreb, Grad Zagreb, Croatia is a vibrant and dynamic sector with a number of notable companies making significant contributions. These companies are leveraging cutting-edge technology to drive innovation and offering novel solutions that cater to various customer needs within and beyond the region.

Operating in diverse industries spanning from Business Development, Artificial Intelligence, SaaS, Developer Tools, FinTech, to Auto Insurance and the Internet of Things, these companies are leading the way in their respective fields and demonstrating commendable adeptness in the use of software tools and applications. With a rich pool of local and international talent, coupled with the conducive tech ecosystem in the city, these companies are not just surviving but thriving in the ever-evolving software industry.

Let’s take an in-depth look at these outstanding companies, covering their backgrounds, industries, innovations, and contributions to the software sector.


Operating out of Novi Zagreb, SAOP is a key player in the Business Development, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Software industry. Although the founders remain undisclosed, the company is making a big difference in the way businesses handle their processes. SAOP can be reached on Facebook or LinkedIn.


Based in Zagreb, Gideon operates in the Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles, Machine Learning, Robotics, and Software industry. Founded by Edin Kočo, Josip Ćesić, Kruno Stražanac, and Matija Kopić in 2017, the company is now one of the largest robotics engineering companies in Central and Southeastern Europe. Gideon maintains an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Also based in Zagreb and catering to the Developer APIs, Developer Tools, and Software industry is Treblle. Founded in 2020 by Vedran Cindric, Darko Blazevic, and Tea Sakic, Treblle is a vital tool for engineering and DevOps teams. You can engage with Treblle on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


Founded by Martin Sosic and Matija Sosic in 2020, Wasp operates within the Information Technology, SaaS, Software, and Web Development industry. Headquartered in Zagreb, the company is transforming the way web applications are built. Connect with Wasp on Twitter or LinkedIn.


Oradian is a fintech company operating from its base in Zagreb. Offering a range of services across Banking, Enterprise Software, FinTech, Fraud Detection, Information Technology, SaaS, and Software sectors, the company was founded by Andrew Mainhart, Antonio Separovic, Julian Oehrlein, and Onyeka Adibeli. Moreover, Oradian can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


SysKit, invited into the tech space by Frane Borozan and Toni Frankola, is a key player in Enterprise Software, Information Services, Information Technology, and Software. From its Zagreb base, SysKit is making strides in IT management for Microsoft 365 environments. Engage with SysKit on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


A diverse industry player headquartered in Zagreb, AMODO is a go-to in the Auto Insurance, Big Data, Digital Marketing, Insurance, Internet of Things, Mobile Apps, Risk Management, SaaS, and Software sectors. The company was founded by Gorjan Agacevic, Ozren Crnogorac, and Vladimir Koncar. You can contact AMODO via Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


Operating from Zagreb, Codemap is a significant player in the Information Technology, Software, and Web Development space. Founded by Goran Buselic, Karlo Mamic, and Saša Janićijević, the company offers significant contributions in no-code, low-code, and automation solutions. Engage with Codemap on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


Established by Elena Crnković and Tomislav Grubišić, Bornfight is a major contributor to the Computer and Software industry. Located in Zagreb, Bornfight helps in transforming ideas into successful digital products. The company is reachable on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


Founded by Mislav Malenica, Zagreb-based Mindsmiths serves the Information Technology, Software industry by providing clients the tools and support to integrate autonomy into their processes. The company maintains a presence on LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Mario Buntić and Nikola Biondic, TalentLyft is redefining recruitment in the Human Resources, Information Technology, Internet, Marketing Automation, Recruiting, SaaS, Social Recruiting, and Software sectors. Located in Zagreb, you can reach TalentLyft on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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