Leapdroid: Leading Prague-Based Graphic Design Software Innovations

Leapdroid: Leading Prague-Based Graphic Design Software Innovations

The digital age has seen graphic design permeate almost every aspect of our lives. The need for graphic design services in the creation of apps, software and marketing materials has skyrocketed. Everywhere in the world, design companies are springing up to fill this gap and Prague is no exception. The city boasts a plethora of companies making waves in the Graphic Design industry. This article spotlights some of these companies – their operations, brands, and contributions to the industry.

In Prague, Hlavni mesto Praha, Czech Republic, several graphic design companies have established headquarters, shaping not only design within the country but proving competitive on a global platform. Their contributions span developer tools, collaboration platforms, mobile apps, and website development. They are not only concerned with design for aesthetics but offer solutions that enhance performance and functionality, improving user experiences.

Prague-based graphic design companies have harnessed modern technology to operate in various industry verticals. Many work in collaboration with software developers, IT consultants and digital marketers to provide comprehensive solutions to clients. The city’s unique combination of historical character and creative contemporary culture provides a fertile environment for creativity and innovation in design. Let’s take a look at some of these companies and their unique offerings.

Founded by Artem Ufimtcev, Jiri Trecak, and Oskar Koristka, Supernova operates in the developer tools, graphic design and information technology industries. The company interprets design systems into data, which are then transformed to create code for product development. Supernova’s automated code updating system caters to various coding stacks and platforms and is customizable to suit company guidelines. The company also offers an ecosystem of Supernova-developed and community-maintained code export packages via the Supernova Store.


Avocode was founded by Anh Vu Hoang, Martin Duris, and Petr Brzek. Operating in the apps, art, collaboration, graphic design and software industries, Avocode enables users to export and share design elements such as colors, image assets, fonts, text, CSS, sizes, and dimensions. The software acts as a bridge between designers and developers.


Appio is a graphic design company which also ventures in mobile apps, software, and web development.


Founded by Bradley R Dowe, LegendCorp deploys its graphic design expertise in advertising, marketing, web design, and web development.


Usertechnologies, founded by Jan Beránek, is a team of digital product creators offering services in digital design, UX, programming and project management. Their knowledge in AWS management, DevOps, and monitoring infrastructure facilitates complete end-to-end solutions.


Attractive provides an array of services including design studios, video studios, web studios, photo studios, a performance marketing department, a merchandising studio, a print production department and advertising studio services.


AreA is an advertising, graphic design and marketing company.


Movisio, founded by Milos Cihak, is a Czech technology company active in software development, 3D animations, and interactive visualisations.


Founded by Omri Dayan, Copreso is an AI-driven design SaaS firm enabling content creators, marketers and designers to generate design variations in real-time.


Virtuplex, founded by Martin Petrovický and Pavel Novák, operates in the 3D technology, graphic design, information technology, and virtual reality industry.


Founded by Michal Vorac and Tomas Netusil, NETVOR operates in various industries, providing app perfection development services, to turn ideas into innovative apps.

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