Leapdroid: Leading Lisbon’s Software Scene with Innovative App Solutions

In the vibrant city of Lisbon lies a thrumming hub of innovation and cutting edge technology. Home to a vibrant tech scene, this historic city is quickly becoming a world leader. One sector in particular stands out: Software and Apps- a diverse industry that spans across various digital realms, from Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven processes to enticing video games and tools for bitcoin. Set against the city’s beautiful scenery and culture, here are just some of the select companies that have taken root, innovating unique solutions for global challenges from within the heart of Portugal.

These innovative companies are revamping traditional industries, introducing cutting-edge technology, and creating opportunities and jobs in Lisbon, which can attract talent from across the globe. One of the major reasons these companies have set up shop in this bustling city is due to the enticing tech scene and potential for growth. With highly educated, multilingual talent, strategic geographical location, and competitive costs of living and operating, it’s not hard to see why Lisbon has become a hotbed for tech innovation.

This piece is aimed to highlight these exciting companies contributing to the software and apps landscape in Lisbon. There are countless niche corners within this industry, from translation services powered by Machine Learning and AI, to gaming which provides much-needed relief in our day-to-day lives. Each of these companies are exciting in their uniqueness, skill, and innovation. Read on for a snapshot of a few key players in the industry:


Constituted by Founders Bruno Prezado, Hugo Silva, João Graça, Sofia Pessanha, Unbabel utilises AI and machine learning to drastically enhance translation services. Front-runners in the Digital Translation service, Unbabel touches on AI, B2B, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Software.

They’ve developed a unique platform that allows enterprises to serve their customers in their native languages, at any time, across digital channels. With over $31M in raised funds and an impressive portfolio of clients like Facebook, Microsoft,, and EasyJet, Unbabel is certainly an industry leader. They can be found on social media platforms such as @unbabel on Twitter, Unbabel on Facebook or Unbabel on LinkedIn.


Founded by Brian Meidell and Chris Benjaminsen, FRVR is a gaming company developing captivative games for billions of players around the globe. Their goal is to democratize game distribution by connecting players to games anywhere, at any time.

Based in Lisbon, they work with game developers to build great games and distribute them across varying channels. You can find FRVR on Twitter @frvrgames, Facebook FRVR and on LinkedIn by searching FRVR.

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