Leapdroid: Leading Innovation in Software Development from South Plainfield, NJ

The information technology industry is a high growth sector providing plenty of opportunities for innovative companies. South Plainfield, New Jersey, United States has become a hub for IT businesses, boasting of numerous successful companies. This article focuses on providing a brief on some of these remarkable IT companies operating from South Plainfield. Let’s delve in to learn more about these companies, their contributions to the IT industry, and the great minds behind them.

The companies featured in this article operate in a broad range of sub-sectors within the IT industry, including mobile applications, software services, data management, and more. Despite their diverse fields, these companies share a common characteristic of excelling in their respective sectors while contributing substantially to the development of the IT industry.

The main objective behind this series of articles is to shed light on these extraordinary IT companies, their innovations, and the brilliant minds behind them. In doing so, we aspire to encourage further growth and innovation within the IT industry. Each company’s name included in the article is linked to its website, providing easy access for the readers to learn more about the business.


AetherPal is a highly innovative company operating in the IT industry. Based in South Plainfield, New Jersey, AetherPal was founded by Deepak Gonsalves and Ron Parmar. The firm has revolutionized the abilities of carriers, enterprises, OEMs, and customers to optimize the experience for smart devices, by utilizing real-time data while ensuring complete user privacy. Established in 2009, AetherPal has significantly reduced support costs, dramatically improved the end-user experience, and has thereby extended device lifecycle and increased brand loyalty. For more information about AetherPal, please visit their LinkedIn page.


eTeam, another South Plainfield-based IT firm, provides high-volume staffing, SOW and payrolling services to structured contingent workforce programs and projects across the U.S., Canada, and India. The company was founded by Aanchal Thakur and has been delivering exceptional services to various clients since its inception. You may learn more about eTeam by visiting their Facebook or LinkedIn page.


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