Leapdroid: Leading Cloud Computing Innovator Based in Mumbai, Maharashtra

Leapdroid: Leading Cloud Computing Innovator Based in Mumbai, Maharashtra

Cloud computing continues to evolve and dominate many sectors, with noteworthy contributions coming from several companies based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. This article will highlight some of them, providing an in-depth look into their main activities, history, and roles in the ever-expanding universe of cloud computing. From E-commerce innovators to IT and EdTech solutions, we explore the diverse capacities in which these companies function.

We will consider their statuses as pioneers in the digital sphere, their individual approaches to business and innovation, as well as the impact they’re making within their industries and beyond. The focus of this sector is not only in technological advancement, but also in enhancing user experience and producing practical solutions to evolving needs.

Our selected companies are innovating the cloud computing industry from Mumbai, India. The work these companies do is not secluded— they often participate in a host of other technological applications, including E-commerce, mobile instore shopping, retail, telecommunications, computer and IT solutions, software development, and more.

Shopsense Retail Technologies Limited

Shopsense Retail Technologies Limited, also known as Fynd, is India’s largest Fashion O2O company, offering real-time inventory access from over 9000+ stores country-wide.
Founded in 2012, the company brings the latest in-store fashion online by offering the best brands and superior customer service. In 2018, Fynd raised significant funding which has since been deployed towards enhancing engagement between consumers and retailers. Fynd’s unique product sourcing method gives it an edge over any other e-commerce marketplace. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Route Mobile

Since their inception in 2004, Route Mobile has carved out a significant position in providing Communication Platform as a Service solutions. They offer an extensive portfolio comprising messaging, voice, email, SMS filtering, analytics, and monetization. With a global presence spanning continents, Route Mobile ensures effective communication across industries. Follow their journey on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

iWeb Technology Solutions Pvt.Ltd.

iWeb Technology Solutions bring an all-in-one academic experience through digitized Edtech SaaS services. They provide a platform that brings various student service players to a common portal. Their innovative solution cater to more than 700k students across various universities in India. Stay updated with their progress on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Corpusvision excels in software development with a focus on providing affordable technologies. They support startups and companies to implement their innovative ideas into reality. Founded by Pranjal Pandey in 2018, Corpusvision is a potent contributor to the IT industry. Follow them on
Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Faclon Labs

Faclon Labs, a group of IIT Bombay graduates, provides end-to-end solutions for remote water distribution network monitoring and control. They aim to use technology for social and economic reform, addressing pressing issues with innovative methods. Connect with Faclon Labs on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Flair Labs

Providing services in the healthcare domain, Flair Labs leverages cloud computing, SaaS, and other technologies to achieve optimal cost, faster market deployment, and greater flexibility. With software and web development solutions, they’re significantly enhancing user experiences and operational productivity. Follow them on
Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


MagicRainbow engages in a wide range of activities. Specialized in manufacturing visual display products, they produce an extensive portfolio of information technology and electronic equipment. Their array of products like Monitors, Video Projectors, Digital Signage, and much more places them at the front of the industry. Engage with them on Facebook.

Pocket HRMS

Offering a complete cloud-based HR solution, Pocket HRMS handles everything HR-related, providing proven productivity and cost efficiency. They provide a workflow from ‘Hire to Retire’, accessible from anywhere and any device. With numerous branches across cities, they are evolving along with the HR industry. Learn more about them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Intellika Technologies Private Ltd

Intellika Technologies Pvt Ltd adopts a comprehensive approach to cloud solutions by providing services like SAAS, PAAS and IAAS. They’re a renowned Microsoft Dynamics Implementation Partner, carving out a reputable space in software consulting. Their approach to work is to provide complete, high-quality solutions for all specific applications. Join them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Intelegain Technologies

Intelegain Technologies, a notable Outsourced Software Product Engineering Company, has amassed over 20 years of global experience in software development and consulting. With a dynamic team and numerous accolades to their credit, they’ve become a go-to company for software needs. Stay updated with their progress on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Strad Solutions

Strad Solutions provides web hosting solutions with an expertise in various applications including financial services. They aim to provide stable, fast and reliable hosting services, providing clients with the best hosting solution available. You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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