Leapdroid: Leading Android Emulator Pioneer from Dublin’s Tech Sphere

Leapdroid: Leading Android Emulator Pioneer from Dublin’s Tech Sphere

The Information Technology industry is rapidly growing, with a multitude of innovating companies emerging globally. Among them, several tech giants have their headquarters located in Dublin, Ireland – a city renowned for its vibrant tech scene and startup culture. This article will highlight the enterprises that not only continue to dominate the industry but are also catalysts for technology advancement and innovation.

These companies span across various sectors of IT, including management consulting, outsourcing, encryption, gaming, and fintech services among others. A blend of well-established multinationals and high-growth startups, these companies embody the dynamism and potential in Dublin’s IT industry.

In no particular order, let’s explore the work and impact of these companies.


Accenture, founded by Arthur E. Andersen, Clarence DeLany, Mike Redding, and Steve Wick, is a global titan in management consulting, technology services, and outsourcing. With an extensive footprint across 120 countries and a workforce of 204,000 people, Accenture collaborates with clients to deliver high-performance businesses and governments. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.

Keywords Studios

Co-founded by Giorgio Guastalla, Keywords Studios is an international technical service provider for the global video game industry. They bring digital content to life, providing entertainment and connection for people all over the world. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.


An advocate for diversity and inclusion, Inclusio provides a data-driven and science-based platform to measure and guide diversity initiatives across organizations. LinkedIn, Twitter.


&Open, co-founded by Ciara Flood, Jonathan Legge, and Mark Legge, is a gifting platform that dispatches digital and physical gifts at scale, from brands to people around the world — enhancing customer loyalty, retention, and engagement for businesses. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.


Founded by Shane Curran, Evervault offers end-to-end data encryption infrastructure for developers. LinkedIn, Twitter.

Carne Group

Under the leadership of John Donohoe, Carne Group provides innovative outsourced fund management solutions, supporting asset managers, insurance companies, pension funds, and wealth managers globally. LinkedIn, Twitter.


Marc Murphy established Fenergo, a company that provides client onboarding lifecycle management software for various banking sectors. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.


Founded by Mark Graham, Ruairi Kelleher, and Terry Clune, Immedis is a provider of enterprise technology solutions for global payroll and mobility tax services, offering multi-country payroll and employment tax solutions for organizations with overseas staff. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.


Learnosity, co-founded by Gavin Cooney and Mark Lynch, is an ed-tech company that provides a suite of assessment technologies. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.

Headed by Roberto Mancone, develops and licenses the first blockchain trade platform for commercial clients and their banks. LinkedIn, Twitter.


Co-founded by Gerald Blackie and Louis Leporace, Kaseya is a leading provider of IT automation software for IT service providers and public and private sector IT organizations. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.

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