Leapdroid: Innovative Web Development Solutions From Belgrade, Serbia

Leapdroid: Innovative Web Development Solutions From Belgrade, Serbia


While most people think of Silicon Valley when they hear the words ‘tech hub’, various other cities across the globe are emerging as significant players in the tech scene. One such city is Belgrade, Vojvodina, Serbia, home to a number of thriving companies within the web development industry. This series of articles will spotlight these web development companies, focusing on how they are innovatively utilizing this digital space while also contributing to the global tech ecosystem.

Web development is an essential aspect of all industries today, offering businesses the chance to gain more exposure, interact with their customers more effectively, and ultimately, grow their brand’s reach. As such, the work of these companies is vital not just to the tech industry but to the global economy as a whole. So, let’s delve into the heart of web development in Belgrade and learn about the key players in the field.

The companies we are going to explore range from large, established web development firms with a broad client base to emerging startups offering innovative solutions and unique approaches. Each company has its own story, its unique approach, and its contributions to the web development industry of Belgrade, Vojvodina, Serbia.

Quantox Technology

Quantox Technology has played a significant role in IT decentralization in Serbia. The company, co-founded by Vuk Popovic, offers a wide range of positions, working with leading technologies such as PHP, JavaScript, Java, C# .NET, Swift Frameworks, NodeJS, Laravel, Symfony, Zend, Vue, Angular, React and many more.

Quantox is committed to “making it possible”- they take on big challenges, zero in on the essentials, and deliver. Such drive has helped the company to achieve great strides, as quantified by winning the Ernst & Young “Fast Growing Entrepreneur” award in Serbia for 2021.

Their international team counts more than 500 experts from 7 different countries, working from 13 development centers. By utilizing their combined IT and business knowledge, they have managed to develop creative, quality, high-performance software solutions and provide unique digital experiences.


The platform, DivHunt, was built with both beginners and professionals in mind. Co-founded by Dejan Tomic, Hangama Wanner, Marko Lazarevic, and Stefan Pakic, users can navigate through already made templates or create unique ones. Unlike other tools, Divhunt offers its users a visual representation of what they are creating right on the screen, helping them see what they are building while they do it.


Presta, founded by Vladeta Radovanovic, offers their clients digital products with a unique, memorable, and user-friendly web experience. Their services include not only web development but also creative design, mobile apps, mobile development, and website maintenance.

Qode Interactive

Founded by Darko Stefanovic and Ivan Paunovic, Qode Interactive is a company thriving in the field of information technology, web design, and web development.

Phoenix Consultancy LLC

Cofounded by Mirko Radeka, Phoenix Consultancy is a management agency for software development. Their clients include start-ups to Fortune 500 companies worldwide, employing them to develop fully functioning, reliable, and secure software for commercial or private use.

TMS Web Development Company

Founded by Alexander Gilmanov, TMS aims to help SMEs and startups focus on their core business by providing high-end web development services. They deliver products of the highest quality and ensure customer satisfaction at all times.


An important player in the field of mobile apps, software, and web development is Appomart. They have carved a niche for themselves and have become one of the most respected entities in their domain.


BeoCode is a software development company specializing in creating innovative experiences for web and mobile platforms. They have been effective in delivering tailored services to both small start-ups and large companies that want to boost their brands.


Hooloovoo, established by founder Predrag Spasojevic, is an information service provider that also delves in IT, software, and web development. They have made significant strides over the years and continue to be an influential figure in the field.

Dev Shopper

Lazar Stojkovic founded Dev Shopper, a free online platform for matching with the best dev shops within 48 hours. This revolutionary contribution to the industry made it possible to fastize partnerships with development shops across the globe.


StreamIn is a company pioneering in delivering messages and notifications from different apps to its users. Their delivery channels offer high levels customization, keeping their users always updated.


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