Leapdroid: Innovative Software Powerhouse Headquartered in Rennes, Bretagne

Leapdroid: Innovative Software Powerhouse Headquartered in Rennes, Bretagne

Rennes, Bretagne, France, is a thriving hotspot for innovative companies operating in the software industry. Many of these companies are shaking up traditional industries with technological advancements designed to streamline processes and increase productivity in a myriad of fields, from agriculture and fitness to the service industry and beyond. This article will explore 10 such companies and how their technological solutions are positively impacting businesses globally.


IMATAG, founded by Jonathan Delhumeau and Mathieu Desoubeaux, is leading the field in digital watermarking and visual recognition. This company offers an invisible watermark that protects photos and videos, along with a tracking service that can monitor them online, indispensable tools for brand protection, marketing, and IP copyright security. Facebook | @imatag | Linkedin

Check & Visit

Founded by Thibault Le Treut, Check & Visit offers a compelling software solution in the real estate industry by assisting homeowners in conducting inventories of their apartments. The application addresses the challenges many homeowners face due to lack of availability, legal knowledge, and the reliability of paper status reports. Facebook | @checkandvisit | Linkedin


Developed by founders Alban Pobla and Aurelien Yol, Dilepix offers a software solution in the agriculture industry, integrating artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision to optimize farming practices. Linkedin

Mobility Tech Green

Didier Houal and Pascal Roux founded Mobility Tech Green to offer innovative technological solutions that improve the efficiency of vehicle fleets for companies and communities. Their significant strides include presenting their artificial intelligence project dedicated to mobility, Aiko, at the CES Las Vegas. Facebook | @mobitechgreen?lang=en | Linkedin


Co-founded by William Gouesbet and Yannick Delibie, Kerlink is a globally recognized provider of IoT infrastructure, software, and services. This company helps businesses of all sizes to design, launch, and operate IoT networks. @kerlink_news | Linkedin


Christian Guillemot, the founder of AMA, has developed innovative remote assistance solutions that empower businesses to manage remote diagnostics, inspections, scheduling, and workflow management. Facebook | @AMA_XPERTEYE | Linkedin


Ochy, founded by Khaldon Evans, provides users access to lab-quality analysis on their smartphones. Imagine running the Boston Marathon and having the tools necessary to analyze your biometrics on your mobile device. The app offers that convenience. Linkedin


Patented by Deepak Peschard, Digeto superpowers businesses to manage their operations from a single digital platform. Businesses can access tools for marketing, designs, and decks and track performance analytics, all from this one dashboard. Facebook | Linkedin


Steeple, another Rennes-based company, offers a platform where education institutes and corporate organizations can share experiences and skills and gain support from industry professionals. Facebook | @Steeple_fr | Linkedin


Stephane Donikian established Golaem to develop software solutions for autonomous human-like characters in real time, delivering realistic and complex actions. Facebook | @golaem | Linkedin

Frigo Magic

Created by Sébastian Burel, Frigo Magic is another incredible Rennes-based software company that’s shaking up the culinary world, one recipe at a time. Facebook | @FrigoMagic

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