Leapdroid: Innovative Software Company Powering Mobile Apps in San Luis Obispo

San Luis Obispo, a city on the Central Coast of California, United States, is not just known for its scenic beauty but also for being an Information Technology hub housing innovative and illustrious companies. This article will give an insight into some of these companies and reveal what sets them apart in the Information Technology sector. As part of a series of features, we will explore these unique companies, explaining their origins, industry positions, founders, and their contributions to the world of software and applications.


Founded by Erick Kostelnik and Jed Danner, Postal is a leading Offline Engagement Platform based in San Luis Obispo. Created in 2020, the company boasts of serving over 600 B2B clients including giants like Yelp and Cisco Meraki. Postal aims at creating meaningful human connections with prospects, customers, employees, and partners. With specializations in areas like Data Integration, Direct Marketing, Lead Generation, Lead Management and more, Postal continues to trail blaze workflows of the B2B world.


Wildnote, founded by Kristen Hazard, serves as a comprehensive solution for efficiently collecting, managing, and reporting environmental data. Aiding large-scale utility projects, Wildnote provides a customizable, cloud-based platform that efficiently bolsters data collection and management, resulting in impressive productivity and quality improvements. With unique features like customizable form capability, and an unprecedented photo-management system, Wildnote is set apart from its competitors.


CheddrSuite revolutionizes restaurant management. An effective SaaS platform for restaurants, it incorporates features like scheduling, inventory management, and documentation. CheddrSuite acts as a comprehensive management system reducing need for multiple applications and provides real time data to enhance communication and profitability. Founded by Javier and Laurel Cadena, this cloud-based software replaces paper clutter and in doing so, simplifies restaurant management.


DealMaker 360, another tech giant from San Luis Obispo was founded by Martin Hansen. It boasts specialities in the E-Commerce, Software, and Transaction Processing Industries.

Land Gorilla

Land Gorilla, under the leadership of Sean Faries, has revolutionized the construction lending industry. With a focus on efficiency and safety, Land Gorilla is trusted by banks, credit unions, and mortgage banks across various segments: Banking, Construction, Financial Services and more.

Tegotech Software

Tegotech Software, founded by Joe Seebach, Robert Teshinsky and Thomas Begehr, focuses on expanding the functionality of PC and Android content without the need of an SDK. Their technology goes directly into a post-production application or game, ensuring maximum leverage from every piece of content that you publish or distribute.

Silvertrac Software

Silvertrac Software, founded by Scott Anderson, is a pioneer in real-time incident reporting software solutions. Their software provides instant alerts for critical issues and ensures on-site accountability and improved performance. Silvertrac’s cloud-based solution includes features like sequential guard tours, automated daily activity reports, parking management, and checkpoint scanning.


ESChat, a leader in the secure voice and message communications industry, has interface gateways for Tactical LMR networks, PC based dispatch clients and can also be interfaced to P25, DMR, and other radio networks via ISSI.


HomeSlice, founded by Shea Brucker, is an advanced household management solution for roommates. This unique app allows roommates to manage and split bills, shopping, and responsibilities easily, saving time, money, and enhancing collaboration.

TekTegrity Inc.

Founded by Russ Levanway, TekTegrity is an IT solutions company. It has been recognized as one of the fastest growing private companies in America. The company provides IT consultancy and has been named to the Managed Service Provider 500 list by CRN.


TechXpress, another software powerhouse based in San Luis Obispo, operates within the Computer, Information Technology, Internet, and Software industries, offering innovative solutions to clients across various sectors.

From marketing automation to environmental data management, from restaurant management to construction lending, and from secure communication to household management; these San Luis Obispo-based companies offer diverse, leading-edge developments in the Information Technology sector and continue to drive innovation and success.

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