Leapdroid: Innovative Mobile App Solutions from Bogotá, Distrito Especial, Colombia


In the heart of Bogotá, Distrito Especial, Colombia, the mobile apps industry flourishes with a number of innovative companies making their mark in different sectors. From e-commerce to hardware and construction, these entrepreneurs are using the power of technology to transform traditional business models into seamless, mobile experiences for consumers. In this series of articles, lets’ plunge into the realm of these groundbreaking mobile applications and learn more about the minds behind them, their mission, their service offerings and their effect on the industry.

While we are accustomed to associating the apps-industry to Silicon Valley, Bogotá is fast becoming the Silicon Valley of Latin America. The growth of these industry innovators in Colombia’s capital is a testament to the city’s flourishing tech ecosystem. A metropolis that boasts of young, dynamic tech talent, and encouraging governmental initiatives, Bogotá is creating an ideal environment for app-focused firms to thrive.

In this article, we aim to showcase some of the most inventive companies in the mobile apps industry that call Bogotá home. Our journey will take us across different sectors, giving us an extensive snapshot of how diverse the impact of mobile applications are in a variety of industries.


Founded in 2020 by Enrique Villamarin Lafaurie, Juan Carlos Narváez, and Nicolas Villegas, Tul is an e-commerce company specialising in hardware and construction. They offer a solution — an app facilitating the purchase of hardware and construction products conveniently. It has quickly become an essential tool for businesses in the construction industry providing them with best prices, convenience and prompt delivery.
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Muni Tienda

Established by Maria Echeverri Gomez, Muni Tienda is the first Latin American community group buying platform. The app is designing an efficient solution for the convenience and savings for middle class households.
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Created by founders Andrés David Galindo, Antonio José Plata Rodelo, Juan Pasquale and Mateo Cardenas, Foody provides healthy food services at accessible prices to Latin Americans. Establishing a noble practice, the company emphasises affordability without compromising on health.
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Founded in 2017 by Camilo Tobon and Juan Saravia, Loro is an e-commerce platform coupled with a social network that ensures the perfect product recommendations based on user preferences. It is also known for its efficient logistics by improving the last-mile delivery via their partnerships with over 19 malls.
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Founded by Arnulfo Ospino and Roxanna Vergara, Vendty is an e-commerce solution amalgamating useful functionalities including point of sale, restaurant management, and retail software. They aim to ensure systematic and efficient business operations via their innovative application.
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Victor Celer spearheads CelerSMS, a company providing business solutions for IoT, geolocation, mobile app development, and M2M communication technologies. Playing in multiple industry verticals, the company is known for its free tools and products enabling numerous tech companies to streamline their operations.
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Set up by innovators like Andres Espinosa, Daniel Palis, Juan David Espinosa Vela and Juan Duarte Galán, Ekkofy activates the power of word of mouth to create a new marketing and sales channel. They provide an end-to-end marketing solution connecting referral software, affiliate marketplace and community advocates.
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Izzy Money

Izzy Money, an innovative financial company, delivers intuitive financial solutions via their app. The founders leverage mobile technology to make finance management easier for users.
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Subi has been founded by Andres Gonzaléz, Cristian Quintero, Giovanetti Barreto, and Hollwann León. It is primarily an e-commerce and online auction platform that makes retail shopping more efficient.
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Veci, founded by Diego Ariel Rios Diaz, is a technological solution provider for entrepreneurs and small businesses to increase their sales via innovative digital tools.
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Equilibrio is an advertising, ecommerce and marketing application. Engels Perez, the founder, believes in leveraging mobile app technology to evolve conventional advertising methodologies.
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While this list is not exhaustive, it provides a good indication of the current trends in Colombian app development industry. As we continue to see growth in mobile apps, there is little doubt that Bogotá will remain a hub of activity in the field, pushing the boundaries of innovation and entrepreneurship. Each of these companies tell a story of ambition and determination, portraying the city’s forward-thinking tech landscape. Can’t wait to see what the future holds!

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