Leapdroid: Innovative Mobile App Development in Zagreb’s Tech Scene

Leapdroid: Innovative Mobile App Development in Zagreb’s Tech Scene


We look today at the cutting edge of the Zagreb Mobile Apps technology sector, where innovative companies are driving immense changes across varied industries. Whether it’s in insurance, human resources, blockchain technology, sports, digital media, or food and beverage, these companies are shaping the future of their respective marketplaces. Let’s take a closer look at each unique offering.

The companies that stand behind these disruptive technologies are distinguished by their focus and drive, aimed at changing the way businesses and consumers interact with the digital world. Dynamically aligning their business development strategies with the current market trends, they are becoming the global pioneers in the backend of technology.

From providing industry standards to creating distinctive experiences, these technologically innovative companies have set a benchmark for the emerging competition. Thriving under challenging business constraints, they validate that real “innovation knows no boundaries.” So, let’s examine some of these key players in detail:


Amodo is revolutionizing the auto insurance industry with its data-driven approach. Founded by Gorjan Agacevic, Ozren Crnogorac, and Vladimir Koncar, Amodo offers insurance products based on customer behavior and usage data. The platform can also be used to build a direct digital channel to promote a variety of insurance products suitable for digital distribution.

Scalable Global Solutions

Scalable Global Solutions (SGS) is redefining the future of employment with DaaS – Department as a Solution. Founded by Markus Borlinghaus, SGS enables international small and medium-sized businesses to create and manage their teams and departments in Croatia without opening a subsidiary.


Founded by Dino Jerković in 2021, Spiritus platform creates memorable digital memorials for loved ones, powered by blockchain technology. They offer their services in an impressive storytelling format, ensuring that the memories last forever.


Founded by Tomislav Grubišić, Elevien is a smartphone-based sports application that enables gymnasts worldwide to participate in competitions, creating a global gymnastics network. It’s a multifaceted platform for gymnasts, coaches, judges, organizers, and fans to engage in.


SofaScore, founded by Ivan Beslic and Zlatko Hrkać, is one of the highest-rated live score apps on Google Play and App Store with millions of sports fans using it every day. With success built on SofaScore Player Ratings, Heatmaps, Shotmaps, Attack Momentum and Attribute Overview, the company aims to offer more than scores, quickly.


Aspida, under the leadership of Marin Erceg, introduces Izzy, a specially designed keyboard application which allows for fun and efficient symbol and emoticon writing. Izzy’s AI-enhanced keyboard can be customized to represent various brands from different domains.


Fouded by Nico Poropat and Nikola Pević, Foodin is an innovative grocery delivery company that helps people cook affordable meals. Users can order recipes or meal plans online, set their budget, and enjoy meals for three dollars or less.


Tummly, established by Matija Spes, is a mobile application for rating restaurants and dishes, with an innovative UX. Tummly aims to focus purely on the culinary experience offered by a host of food and beverages categories.


ParkD is a mobile application providing solutions for double parking. It aims to innovate in the global parking industry, particularly in areas where parking spaces are limited.

Q agency

The Q agency is innovating in fields of information technology, software, and web development. They work in creating dynamic and intuitive user experiences.


CoreLine, founded by Dominik Dragičević and Filip Gobin, is a reliable tech partner dedicated to turning your ideas into compelling digital experiences. They specialize in web design and development, offering innovative solutions in web and mobile app development.


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