Leapdroid Innovations: Leading IT Solutions from Addison, Texas

As part of a series focusing on companies shaping the Information Technology sector in Addison, Texas, we spotlight companies changing the landscape in fields such as retail technology, cybersecurity, logistics, broadcasting, and more. These companies are not only relevant at the state or country level but are making waves worldwide. Here’s a closer look at some of them:


Founded by T.J. Person, Koupon works with brands and retailers to engage shoppers and drive sales up. The company maintains a strong presence in the C-store market providing one stop solutions for personalized promotions and improved trade spending. Launched in 2011, they are members of the Koupon Network, a leader in the C-store industry. They have successfully managed to deliver over four billion offers since their inception.

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Maxxsure, co-founded by Shawn Wiora and Srik Soogoor, is an independent cyber risk assessment platform. Relying on a quantitative framework, it provides a thorough process, hardware/software, and network vulnerability assessment. Enabling a clearer understanding of security and risk posture, it assists companies in complying with information security best practices and industry regulations.

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IDENTEC SOLUTIONS, founded by Wilhelm Gantner in 1999, provides businesses with RFID based solutions to facilitate tracking and process management. Their Intelligent Long Range® (ILR®) technology, released immediately after the company’s inauguration, has set a new industry standard in RFID technology. Today IDENTEC SOLUTIONS is recognized an industry leader, especially in automotive, logistics, and maritime sectors.

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Share Rocket Inc

Share Rocket Inc, founded by Chris Kraft, offers a unique solution for broadcasting companies, a platform that tracks viewer feedback from broadcast content. Founded in 2013, it has become a significant player in the intersection of broadcasting and social media, providing critical information to content producers.

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Venari Resources

Venari Resources, founded by Brian C. Reinsborough, is a private E&P company that focuses on the Gulf of Mexico’s oil-rich subsalt region. Renowned as the ideal non-operating partner, Venari presents a talented team with more than 10 years of collective industry experience.

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Founded by Daniel R. Elliott, Zeteky’s product, CloseWatch, is addressing the challenges faced by public safety and law enforcement sectors by offering a mobile application that efficiently manages large volumes of data.

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Matt Levy’s Credera is a business and technology consulting firm. Within its three-pronged approach lies a wide range of services including management consulting, technology solutions, and business intelligence solutions. Established in 1999, the company delivers complex solutions right from requirements analysis to post-production support.

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Symphony RetailAI

Founded by Romesh Wadhwani, Symphony RetailAI provides an AI-enabled platform for FMCG retailers and CPGs. Their innovative solutions cover the entire retail value chain which helps the clients in identifying, activating, and realizing opportunities for profitable growth. They serve over 1,200 organizations worldwide, thanks to their extraordinary team and global partners.

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Resolve Tech Solutions

Resolve Tech Solutions (RTS), founded by Venkat Raman, specializes in SAP implementation and cloud migration services. Also offering their expertise in digital transformation, AI development, agile development, and IOT testing, RTS caters to a vast range of industries from Fortune 500 corporations to U.S. Federal government agencies.

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JDCQ Solutions

JDCQ Solutions is a significant player in the healthcare industry with operations headquartered in Addison.

Aventiv Technologies

Aventiv Technologies is at the forefront of IT, Media, and Entertainment, Software industry. Based in Addison, Texas, they are committed to addressing the intersection of these fields.

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The above-mentioned companies are the rising stars in Addison’s IT industry, their bold ideas and innovative solutions positioning them as harbingers of a promising technological future. Addison, Texas, continues to attract these tech disruptors because of its ideal business conditions and smart city initiatives, promising a bright future for the city and state as a hub for IT innovation.

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