Leapdroid: Innovating Web Design Solutions in Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis, Tennessee, known for its deep roots in music history and culture, is also home to many innovative companies spanning numerous industries. In particular, Memphis has made its mark in the world of web design, with a multitude of proficient companies flourishing in the city. These companies span a breadth of industries, from lifestyle & fashion to architecture & planning. Below, we explore the vibrant landscape of web design companies that call Memphis their home.


Uncrate was founded in 2005 by LC Angell, and quickly established itself as one of the leading destinations for men’s gear, automobiles, and apparel. The company is renowned for its ability to discover and showcase the very best in men’s products, attracting an influential audience of more than 2 million discerning men each month. Learn more about Uncrate on Facebook or follow their LinkedIn and @uncrate Twitter.

Archer Malmo

As one of the largest independent advertising agencies in the U.S, Archer Malmo combines brand thinking, data, and technology to drive a high level of results for their clients. They pride themselves on their talent-first philosophy and are proud of their long-term client relationships. Stay connected with Archer Malmo on Facebook or follow their LinkedIn and @archermalmo Twitter.

HBG Design

HBG Design is a multidisciplinary firm that is dedicated to improving lives by design. Follow their LinkedIn and Facebook page or get their updates from @hbgdesign Twitter.

Loaded for Bear

Founded by Joel Halpern, Loaded for Bear is an advertising and marketing company that thrives on bringing outstanding creative solutions to its clients. Stay up to date by following their @conquerthebear Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Neon Canvas

In the world of advertising and digital marketing, Neon Canvas stands out with their creative solutions. Stay connected to Neon Canvas through their Facebook, LinkedIn and @neoncanvas Twitter.

Consilience Group LLC

As a leader in Consulting, CRM, and IT, Consilience Group delivers strategic digital solutions to their clients. You can connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

A2H – Engineers – Architects – Planners

Engaging in Consulting, Product Design, and Web Design, A2H is a full-service agency providing design solutions for a range of industries. Follow their journey on Facebook, LinkedIn, and @a2hinc Twitter.

Urban Media

As a marketing and web design agency, Urban Media provides critical digital solutions for their clients. Stay connected with Urban Media on Facebook, LinkedIn and @NewUrbanWeb Twitter.

Spotlight Productions

Spotlight Productions is a marketing and media company focused on bringing their clients’ visions to life. Follow them on Facebook.

Baby Grand

Baby Grand is a perspective-based creative agency that solves creative problems for brands and startups alike. Connect with Baby Grand on Facebook, LinkedIn and @bbygrnd Twitter.


ADVATEK is a player in the Cyber Security, Information Technology, IT Management, and Web Design industry. They ensure businesses are protected and stay ahead in the digital world. Follow ADVATEK on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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