Leapdroid: Innovating Mobile Gaming Experience from Singapore’s Tech Sphere

With a thriving tech scene, Singapore has become a reputable Information Technology hub in the Southeast Asian region. As such, a remarkable number of companies excelling in different sectors such as FinTech, Software Development, Artificial Intelligence, and Cyber Security have emerged. The focus of this article will be on those companies whose headquarters are located in the Central Region of Singapore.

These companies have successfully pioneered various innovative solutions that have significantly improved and streamlined numerous business operations and personal tasks. Therefore, a closer look at each of these companies and their innovative solutions would provide an insightful perspective of what some of Singapore’s IT leaders have been able to accomplish.

An in-depth understanding of their diverse operational activities, as well as a close look at their unique offerings, would provide insights into their operational strategies, their unique offerings, and their significance in the IT industry. Here is a summary of each company.


Tazapay, co-founded by Abhishek Sharma and Rahul Shinghal, operates in the Financial Services sector, providing essential financial technology tools and services, particularly for Small and Medium Businesses. Tazapay offers an all-encompassing payment solution designed to eliminate trust barriers when conducting cross-border trade and payments. To learn more about Tazapay, visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages here.


Co-founded by Gene Yu, Kevin McCaffrey, and Matt Pecot, Blackpanda specializes in Cyber Security services. The services they provide include cyber incident response, compromise assessment, loss adjusting, investigations, digital forensics, and incident response preparation. To know more about Blackpanda, you may visit their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.


Co-funded by Dave Fall, Naman Singhal, and Sundeep Sahi, Skuad’s services revolve around digital onboarding, cross-border payroll, and statutory benefits. To learn more about Skuad and their impactful services, check their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn page.

Doctor Anywhere

Founded by Lim Wai Mun, Doctor Anywhere offers on-demand healthcare solutions via a digital platform, making healthcare more accessible. For more about Doctor Anywhere and their healthcare solutions, you can visit their Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn page.


Co-founded by Deep Singh, Priyan Fernando, Steven Nocka, and Vikram Kotibhaskar, CrediLinq.Ai provides hassle-free access to growth capital for businesses. To learn more about CrediLinq.Ai, visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Founded by CJ Looi and Cyril Nie, PixCap offers a web-based editor for creating and exporting 3D designs. To learn more about PixCap, visit their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.


Co-founded by Aneesh Sathe and Kaveh Taghipour, Qritive provides an AI-powered solution to aid in making cancer diagnoses at hospitals. To learn more about Qritive and their solutions, you can visit their LinkedIn page.


Founded by Abhay Singhal, Mohit Saxena, Naveen Tewari, and Piyush Shah, Glance offers content delivery right to the lock screen of users’ smartphones and other connected devices using AI. Their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages will provide you with more information.


SilverPush, co-founded by Alex Modon, Hitesh Chawla, and Mudit Seth, offers AI-powered advertising technology solutions. Find more information about them on their Facebook , Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.


Docquity, a health technology platform, was founded by Abhishek Wadhwa, Amit Vithal, and Indranil Roychowdhury. For more information about the company, visit their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.


SHIELD, founded by Cam Cornelsen, Irene Brime, and Justin Lie, protects businesses from fraud and abuse. For more about their services, visit their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

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