Leapdroid: Innovating Mobile Gaming Applications in Anaheim’s Electronics Arena

Leapdroid: Innovating Mobile Gaming Applications in Anaheim’s Electronics Arena

In Anaheim, California, several companies are making waves in the electronics industry. These businesses run the gamut from computer and mobile electronics to public safety solutions and manufacturing. As part of an ongoing series highlighting these innovative entities, this article will delve into a selection of Anaheim-based corporations, providing insight into their founders, operations, and contributions to the electronics field.

Anaheim has emerged as an important hub for tech and electronics companies in Southern California. With a diverse range of emphasis from consumer electronics to state-of-the-art industrial components, these companies contribute to the city’s steadily growing reputation as a center for technological innovation and development. Each company is unique in its offering, but all are effectively making their mark on the industry.

The companies profiled hail from different sectors within the electronics industry, but they all share a common commitment to innovation and service. Whether it’s building advanced hardware, creating streamlined software or developing comprehensive solutions for customers around the world, these Anaheim-based businesses are pushing boundaries and setting new standards in their fields.


Co-founded by Neil Bruce-Copp, Targus is a pioneer in the computer, consumer electronics, and mobile landscape. The company offers the latest innovations for the mobile lifestyle. Find out more about Targus on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Sentinel Offender Services

Established by Robert Contestabile, Sentinel Offender Services provides solutions to law enforcement, community corrections agencies, and probation departments, creating a safer and more accountable community. Learn more about their solutions on their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

Summit Interconnect

Summit Interconnect is a manufacturer and distributor of electronics based in Anaheim. You can discover more about their work through their LinkedIn profile.


Founded by a team of innovators including Andrew Richardson, Ryan Nguyen, and Stephen Warburton, Sapphire is at the forefront of micro-transit solutions with their development of hoverboards. Join their journey on Facebook and LinkedIn.

RSI Home Products Inc.

RSI Home Products Inc., founded by Ron Simon, is known for designing, manufacturing, and supplying kitchen, bath, and home organization products for various industries including building material, consumer electronics, consumer goods, manufacturing, real estate, and telecommunications.

Extron Electronics

Extron Electronics, the brainchild of Andrew Edwards, is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of professional AV system products, serving educational institutions, corporate boardrooms, and more. Discover what they are doing on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages, or follow their updates on Twitter.

L-3 Interstate Electronics Corporation

L-3 Interstate Electronics Corporation designs and develops satellite-based signal processing products for company and government clients. Check out their profile on LinkedIn to learn more.


A player in the consumer electronics, cybersecurity, electronics, information technology, and security sectors, NAVCO is a trusted name in the industry. You can explore more about them on their Facebook page.

bisco iNDUSTRiES

Established by Glen Ceiley, bisco iNDUSTRiES is a key distributor of electronic components and fasteners for various industries. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to keep updated with their latest offerings.


DDi is a company that provides printed circuit board engineering and manufacturing services mainly in North America and Asia. The company was established in 1978 and is a major component supplier for various sectors including communications, computing, and military/aerospace.

Rapid Manufacturing

Founded by Dan Lang, Rapid Manufacturing is an Anaheim-based organization that specializes in the manufacturing sector of the electronics and computer industry.

In conclusion, Anaheim, California is home to a diverse array of electronics companies, each contributing to various sectors within the industry. From consumer electronics to complex electronics hardware and manufacturing, these businesses underscore the city’s burgeoning reputation in the tech industry.

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