Leapdroid: Innovating Mobile Emulation Technology in Kharkov’s IT Sphere

Leapdroid: Innovating Mobile Emulation Technology in Kharkov’s IT Sphere

When it comes to the Information Technology (IT) industry, the landscape is rich and diverse. Companies across several sectors like media, health, software development, social platforms, and more contribute to the progression of this industry in their unique ways. Each organization introduces distinctive technological solutions, helping businesses unlock valuable insights or reach their targeted audience more effectively. A prominent city that houses several of these tech-firms is Kharkov, Kharkivs’ka Oblast’, Ukraine. Well-known companies in the IT industry like U22, Boost,, SevenPro, LineUp, VILMATE LLC, EyeAI, Jelvix, CodeIT, Unit Space, and SnoopGame QA operate from this location. This article will highlight each of these companies, their mission, and the essential work they do within the IT industry.


Founded by Vladislav Len, U22 operates in the intersection of government, social media, and media and entertainment sectors. The company’s primary offering is a media streaming platform, catering to a wide array of entertainment needs of users.


Focused on the transmission of news and events, Boost is an innovative social network developed by Vladyslav Pustovoy. The company’s unique algorithms allow users to view local and global news matched to their preferences in a single application, making it an industry leader in the Information Technology, Journalism, and Media and Entertainment sectors. is a technology solutions provider in the Software and Social Media industry. The company, founded by Yevhen Musiienko, provides tools like various Social Media APIs to data scientists, developers, and marketers, thus facilitating better program development and reporting.


Specializing in Consulting, Health Care, and Software Engineering, SevenPro is composed of a team of experts providing top-notch software development and technology consulting services. Their commitment to delivering tailored solutions for their clients is a testament to their customer-centric approach.


Operating in the sectors of Consulting, Information Technology, and Software Engineering, LineUp is a forward-thinking company that delivers innovative tech solutions to its clients.


Founded by Anton Reznikov, VILMATE LLC is a renowned IT-contractor and complete-stack software development firm. The company specializes in offering sophisticated solutions as it targets growing businesses and startups alike.


Operating in the sectors of Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, Machine Learning, and Software, EyeAI is a pioneer in creating groundbreaking technological solutions.


Under the leadership of Sasha Andrieiev, Jelvix serves as a technology partner to many businesses, accelerating their growth with its extensive range of expertise. The company specializes in transforming businesses digitally while incorporating software solutions across multiple industries.


Founded by Alex Kholodenko and Yuriy Rybkin, CodeIT is a software development company with a passion for challenges. Operating in the Android, Apps, Electronic Health Record (EHR), Information Technology, iOS, mHealth, Mobile Apps, Software, and Wearables sectors, the company has successfully delivered over 380 projects to date.

Unit Space

Unit Space, led by Vladislav Rudas, is an esteemed IT company that excels in web & mobile apps development. Having successfully completed more than 200 projects, the company has positioned itself among the top 10 Ukrainian IT companies.

SnoopGame QA

Under Sergey Podorvanov’s leadership, SnoopGame QA offers QA/QC solutions primarily for game publishers and developers. The company is on a mission to eliminate unintended suffering in video games by providing professional testing services to developers worldwide.

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