Leapdroid: Innovating Mobile App Solutions from Montreal’s Tech Hub

Leapdroid: Innovating Mobile App Solutions from Montreal’s Tech Hub


Montréal, Quebec, Canada, a city known for its culture, diversity, and vibrant tech scene, is home to several innovative companies operating in the burgeoning mobile apps industry. From e-commerce and retail technology to health care and wellness, Montréal-based businesses are making a mark in the realm of mobile technology. Let’s explore some of these organizations, their founders, what they do, and how they’re contributing to the digital landscape.

Montréal is not just the cultural capital of Canada. It’s also a vibrant hotbed for tech companies. A strong education system, supportive government policies, and a dynamic workforce are fueling the growth of tech companies in Montréal. Here, we cast the spotlight on mobile app companies that call Montréal home, providing innovative solutions across diverse industries.

This article shines a spotlight on several companies operating in the mobile applications industry, each bringing a unique approach to solving problems and enhancing people’s lives. As we dive into the details about these businesses, it is evident that Montréal, Quebec, has become a nurturing environment for innovation and technological development, particularly in the mobile apps industry.


Salesfloor, founded by Ben Rodier, Cary Goldwax, and Oscar Sachs, is reshaping the retail industry with an innovative platform that empowers store associates to connect with customers beyond physical stores. The platform equips associates with clienteling tools to engage customers, including features that enable online customers to shop live with store associates via online Storefronts™, live chat with local, in-store associates, shoppable Instagram posts, and associate marketing tools. It’s revolutionizing the role of store associates to drive results and improve the customer experience.


Montréal’s Hopper is redefining the travel planning experience. Co-founded by Frederic Lalonde and Joost Ouwerkerk, Hopper is a mobile app that uses predictive analytics to deliver travel recommendations. The app uses big data to predict and analyze airfare and accommodations. It serves as a reliable travel advisor, alerting users when prices are at their predicted lowest points.

HALEO Clinic

HALEO Clinic, founded by Bradley Smith, aims to improve human health and performance through better sleep. The clinic is accessible through a mobile app, providing professional and digital SaaS solutions proven to enhance sleep quality. Their services help reduce costs related to productivity losses, accidents, burnout, and disability by aiding employees to sleep better.

Innodem Neurosciences

With a mission to enhance patients’ lives and healthcare efficacy, Innodem Neurosciences, co-founded by Etienne de Villers-Sidani, Marc Reeves, and Yves Desgagné, is developing novel health diagnostics solutions. They are pioneering a mobile eye-tracking technology enabling patient self-testing, helping clinicians monitor disease progression and adapt treatments accordingly.


Co-founded by Anthony Lesage, Charles Faucher, Lucas Grenier, and Martin Lavoie, Tervene is a mobile app offering a continuous improvement solution. The app guides managers through operations control best practices and uses detected issues to power its improvement engine. They also offer a training program for first-line managers.


EXO U is an enterprise software company co-founded by Jean-Baptiste Martinoli and Shan Ahdoot. It delivers and facilitates the digital learning landscape’s vision by providing instructional content and tools for one-touch content management, personalization, and organization to student devices.

Rise Financial

Rise Financial, founded by Ryan Sd, is a technology company building the next generation of corporate cards. These cards are smart enough to help founders and companies protect their finances, understand spending patterns, and find ways to save.


Founded by Ghassan Khalil and Hugo Prince in 2020, Grolift makes grocery shopping easy, convenient, and fun. With a wide variety of items available, they deliver straight to your doorstep, saving you time and making grocery shopping a lesser chore.


Globalia, founded by Jonathan Moquin, specializes in web development and e-commerce projects. Over the years, they have developed expertise in CMS system implementation, intranet and extranet programming, and mobile app development.


Founded by Stephan Bitton, Jogogo sits at the intersection of brand marketing, enterprise software, loyalty programs, and mobile apps.


Quench, founded by Karl Javid Lalonde Dhanji and Nacer Sa, is a mobile application that lets you discover new cocktails and beers in unique places every day, making it a must-have companion for the discerning drinker.


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