Leapdroid: Flagship IT Innovator Thriving in Naperville’s Tech Landscape

Leapdroid: Flagship IT Innovator Thriving in Naperville’s Tech Landscape

Located in Naperville, Illinois, United States, numerous Information Technology companies are making significant strides in their respective industries. From business development to energy, finance to marketing, and data integration to project management, these IT companies are at the forefront of their fields. In this article, we highlight the unique roles several companies play within the IT industry, the entrepreneurial spirits that drive them, and how they are shaping the business and technology landscape in Naperville and beyond.

Naperville’s strategic location offers a ripe environment for the success of these tech-driven companies. Its close proximity to Chicago, bundled with a well-educated labor force and a vibrant community, makes Naperville an attractive place to set up business operations. Here, businesses can grow and thrive, producing cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions that meet global needs. Each company holds a unique story, showcasing entrepreneurial drive, creative vision, and an unwavering commitment to advancement.

This article sheds light on these distinguished Information Technology companies and shows how their innovative strides are making waves in Naperville, Illinois. They are setting the pace for the IT industry, developing products and solutions that leverage high-end technologies to meet existing and emerging market needs.

Volta Energy Technologies

Volta Energy Technologies is pioneering a new model for investing in energy technology. The company collaborates with other companies and entrepreneurs to solve their technical challenges, providing its strategic investors with the opportunity to invest in and acquire the most promising of these technology companies. Through collaboration with leading institutions such as Argonne National Laboratory, Volta seeks to validate transformative technologies and businesses. Learn more about their mission on their Linkedin or get updates from their Twitter account.

Egen Solutions

In the realms of advertising, consulting, and information technology, Egen Solutions stands tall. Founded by Nandita Tiwari and Raghu Potini in 2000, Egen brings together a team of engineering, sales, marketing, design, and support professionals dedicated to driving businesses forward through technology. The company is driven by a culture of curiosity, ownership, speed, and fresh thinking. They share updates and events on their Facebook page and post regularly on their Twitter account.


Founded by Pravin Kumar, AST Corporation offers consulting services for Oracle Applications implementations and upgrades among others. They work with organizations in manufacturing, transportation, insurance, retailing, telecommunications, and the public sector. Connect with AST on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn for more information on their offerings.


The staffing and recruiting segment of the human resources technology market is boosted by the presence of Digi-Me. Founded by Roger Stanton, Digi-Me revolutionizes talent acquisition through the use of video for employment advertising and employer branding. Stay updated with Digi-Me on their Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn pages.


Providing compliance, technology, and business process management services for the accounts receivables management industry, Provana offers agile global staffing solutions that result in significant cost savings. Stay updated with Provana on their Twitter and LinkedIn channels.


Quinnox, founded by Anil Kumar and Jai Shekhawat, is a standout company in the IT industry in Naperville. Follow their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn channels for company news and updates.

Royal Cyber

With a focus on digital consultancy, Royal Cyber introduces modern technologies and offers unique solutions for its varied clientele. Learn more about their innovative services on their Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn channels.

Impact Advisors

Providing innovative healthcare solutions is the heart of Impact Advisors. Founded by Andrew Smith and Peter Smith, Impact Advisors seeks to improve the quality and safety of patient care through IT solutions. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn for insights and updates.


Instec provides business solutions to Property and Casualty insurers with powerful cloud computing software products. Stay updated with Instec via their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn channels.

ennVee TechnoGroup

Offering solutions in information technology and IT management, ennVee TechnoGroup brings value and digital transformation to clients. Get updates from ennVee on their Facebook and Twitter accounts or learn more about their services on LinkedIn.


Serving the big data and IT sector, FirstEigen streamlines processes through innovative solutions. Founded by Seth Rao, FirstEigen is a force to be reckoned with in the big data industry. Stay connected with FirstEigen through their Twitter and LinkedIn channels.

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