Leapdroid: Austin’s Cutting-Edge Innovator in Mobile Software Solutions

Often hailed as a thriving tech hub, Austin, Texas is home to several innovative businesses making strides in the mobile industry. In this article, we will shine a spotlight on a handful of these companies, each unique in their offerings yet joined by their shared location and contribution to the mobile space.

From companies transforming the way we manage rentals, like TenantCloud, to those revolutionising the lottery industry, such as, the Austin-based corporations are diverse in their operations yet similar in their innovative use of mobile technologies. These companies represent just a slice of the broad range of mobile-oriented businesses headquartered in Austin.

Let’s delve into the specifics of each of these organisations and see why they each deserve a place in the spotlight within the mobile industry and what makes the Austin tech scene so unique.


Founded by Joe Edgar and Vitaliy DeFranko, TenantCloud is a cloud-based platform that simplifies rental management for landlords and tenants. Providing benefits such as online payments, rental marketing, accounting, tracking and more, it positions itself as an all-encompassing solution for property-related matters. Feel free to check out their social profiles on @tenantcloud, Facebook, and LinkedIn for further insights.

Fetch Package

Fetch Package, founded by Henry Talamantes and Michael Patton, offers a unique solution to package delivery problems in apartment buildings. By partnering with property managers to streamline scheduled doorstep delivery, Fetch Package effectively optimises this often overlooked medium. More about Fetch can be found on their @fetchpackage, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Localeur, co-founded by Chase White and Joah Spearman, focuses on providing local insights for travellers seeking an authentic experience. Check out Localeur’s social presence on @localeur, Facebook, and LinkedIn for firsthand local insights.


AlertMedia, founded by Brian Cruver, centers on critical enterprise communications to protect organizations and improve operations globally. Visit their social media pages on @alertmedia, Facebook, and LinkedIn for more information.

Founded by Matt Clemenson and Tony DiMatteo, has modernized the lottery industry with its mobile lottery management service. Keep up with them on @lotterydotcom, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Everyware, co-founded by Larry Talley and Scott Orlinsky, offers a secure platform that simplifies payment collection and facilitates two-way messaging for improved customer service. Get more information from their social pages on @EverywareApp, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Michael A. Liberty, Fintiv provides a suite of mobile financial transaction services, especially designed to cater to the unbanked and under-banked consumers. Follow them on @fintiv and LinkedIn.


Aceable, founded by Blake Garrett, offers state-approved online drivers education and real estate courses. For more details, explore their social profiles on @aceable, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Conceived by Andrew Lee, Jason Mirra, Joe Lonsdale, and Lilli Oetting, Esper simplifies government policy-making through their comprehensive platform. Learn more from their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.


Founded by Alexey Gavrilov, Bill Moore, and Eugene Mymrin, Zello is reinventing instant voice technology for critical workers. Check their social handles on @Zello, Facebook, and LinkedIn for more information.


Favor, a food delivery platform, was developed by Ben Doherty and Zac Maurais. Explore their social media handles @favor, Facebook, and LinkedIn for more details.

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