Leapdroid: Ahmedabad’s Innovative Asset in the iOS App Development Sphere

Leapdroid: Ahmedabad’s Innovative Asset in the iOS App Development Sphere

Leapdroid is spotlighting Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India; a city rich in technological innovation, specifically in the iOS industry. This series will highlight several businesses positively impacting this sphere. Ahmedabad proves to be a technological hotspot consisting of many companies striving to push boundaries and redefine today’s tech-world.

Allow us to introduce you to firms behind digital shifts in numerous sectors, from mobile app development, enterprise software, cloud computing, e-commerce, web design and development to blockchain. These companies are not just meeting the tech-needs of today’s fast-paced, ever-evolving world, but they’re also shaping the digital landscape of tomorrow. Read on for an in-depth look at their exploits and accomplishments.

The firms covered in this article articulate the growing technological prowess of this city and how it’s becoming a focal point in India’s tech landscape. The narratives of these firms reveal that Ahmedabad is a breeding ground for innovation, making significant strides in both local and global tech scenes. Let’s dive in.


WeblineIndia is a veteran web and mobile app development services provider, operating since 1999. The company, headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, and co-founded by Atul Mehta, aids clients in 25+ countries. With its innovative RelyShore Model, the company extends assistance to start-ups and enterprises seeking offshore outsourcing needs for Agile-based software development. Their services range from IoT, AI, ML, Wearables and BlockChain tech to serverless architecture, web development, QA services, and mobile app development.

Hyperlink InfoSystem

Hyperlink InfoSystem, based in Ahmedabad, was founded by Harnil Oza. This company is known for its consistency, creativity, and technical prowess, enabling it to deliver in diverse tech fields like web design and development, software development, blockchain, mobile app development, and iOS. The company is a member of the esteemed GESIA and has a rich history of delivering top-quality software development solutions since 2011.


Founded by Manish Patel, TatvaSoft is a CMMI Level 3 & Microsoft Gold Certified Custom Software Development company, headquartered in Ahmedabad. Stamping its authority in diverse tech spheres like Android, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, iOS, Mobile, Mobile Apps and Software, TatvaSoft has successfully undertaken 720+ IT projects, bringing 17+ years of software development experience and stringent quality standards to the table.

Sell My Source Code

Sell My Source Code, co-founded by Sid Mathew and Siddharth Panchal, is an online marketplace where users can buy affordable mobile app source code. Besides offering source codes for Android, iOS, and Unity 3D, it also enables developers to sell their mobile app source codes and make a profit. For budding developers, it provides free mobile app source codes which can be used for learning purposes.

Space-O Technologies

Founded by Rakesh Patel, Space-O Technologies, offers a wide range of tech services. The company’s commitment to delivering beautifully designed, scalable, high-quality products, and apps are reflected in its product offerings: Android and iPhone app development, UI & UX design, web development and much more. They have developed and delivered 3500+ mobile apps under different categories.


Plutomen, based in Ahmedabad and founded by Keyur Bhalavat, creates AR tech-powered B2B SaaS products offering innovative remote collaboration tools for enterprises. It also provides a unique Workflow Assistance that enables enterprises to go paperless and conduct SoP driven workflows such as Audits, Maintenance & Inspections on the go.

Biztech Consulting & Solutions

Biztech Consulting & Solutions is an Ahmedabad, Gujarat based company rooted in solving technological needs for businesses. Founded by Maulik Shah, Biztech’s services encompass everything from enterprise application development, mobile app development, product engineering services, e-commerce development to AI/ML development.

Silicon IT Hub Pvt Ltd

Smital Pandit founded the Silicon IT Hub Pvt Ltd which offers professional web development services comprising of ASP.Net, PHP, Android, iPhone apps development services, and mobile games development services. This Ahmedabad-based company is also known for its graphic web design, internet marketing services, web application and custom software development.


Co-founded by Karan Shah and Prakash Donga, SoluteLabs is a high-performance team that is focused on mobile and web design and development. Known for producing top #10 chart-topping applications on Android and iOS app stores, this Ahmedabad, Gujarat-based company has ensured it places paramount importance on understanding and catering to their clients’ needs.

Silver Touch Technologies

Founded by Jignesh Patel, Silver Touch Technologies specialises in the implementation of digital transformation for enterprise customers, providing services on AI, Machine Learning, Big Data & Analytics, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Located in Ahmedabad, the company also specializes in building large enterprise applications on Mean stack, Microsoft, Open Source, and Cloud Technologies like Azure, and AWS.

21Twelve Interactive

Manan Ghadawala’s brainchild, 21Twelve Interactive is a disruptive mobile and web app development company. Based in Ahmedabad, it provides developers for Android, iPad/iPhone software development and mobile games development services, empowers businesses by creating cutting-edge apps to solve everyday problems.

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