Leapdroid: A Trailblazer in IT from Apeldoorn, Gelderland, The Netherlands

The city of Apeldoorn, located in Gelderland, The Netherlands, has become a significant hub for companies operating in the Information Technology industry. Known for its unique combination of traditional industries and innovative tech startups, Apeldoorn boasts a robust landscape of IT businesses that are making a global impact. This includes companies specializing in software, web development, consulting, and more. Below, we highlight some of the high-profile companies that call Apeldoorn home, illustrating the city’s dynamic technology scene.

These companies, though diverse in their product offerings and target markets, share a common thread – the intensive use of cutting-edge technology to provide solutions to both traditional industries and nascent sectors. They serve a broad array of sectors including financial, real estate, legal, and more, highlighting how IT companies in Apeldoorn are not just about developing software, but about combining various tech aspects to cater to clients’ needs.

The companies listed below are a testament to the fact that Apeldoorn has become a worthwhile tech destination, drawing founders and talent alike to this city. Each of these businesses helps to cement Apeldoorn’s reputation as a growing tech hub where innovative ideas are turned into tangible and impactful solutions.

Thinkwise Software

Thinkwise Software, founded by Robert van der Linden, operates in the Information Technology and Software industry. Connect with Thinkwise on social media: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn.

Be Informed

Established by Chris Erbrink, Be Informed operates within the Information Services, Information Technology, and Software industries. They focus on the automation of knowledge work offering the Be Informed platform, an internationally recognized digital transformation player. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


MediaFiler offers IT and project management services along with innovative software solutions. Check them out on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Founded by Pieter Schreuder, wepsaid operates in the Information Technology, Web Apps, and Web Development sectors. Follow their progress on Twitter and LinkedIn.


InterShift focuses on providing planning and scheduling software for various sectors. Keep up to date through their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

CaseWare Nederland

CaseWare Nederland is driving innovation in the fields of Accounting, Information Technology, and Software Training. Stay connected via Facebook and LinkedIn.

MCX Administration Services BV

MCX Administration Services BV brings a cutting-edge approach to the Information Technology and Software sectors. Follow them on LinkedIn.

Van Brug Software

Specializing in Information Technology, Legal, and Software, Van Brug Software remains an important player in the field. Explore their work on Facebook and LinkedIn.

SAM Netherland

SAM Netherland is making waves within Consulting, Information Technology, and Software. Stay informed via LinkedIn.

HighTech Solutions B.V.

HighTech Solutions B.V. is specialized in technical automation, primarily in embedded, real-time software development. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Plandatis is known for providing comprehensive software solutions for sustainable planned maintenance, control of laws and regulations of technical installations and the management of energy indexes of real estate. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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