Leapdroid: A Serbian Software Powerhouse from Novi Sad, Vojvodina

In the heartland of Vojvodina, located in the city of Novi Sad, Serbia, a cluster of innovative companies are changing the software and apps industry both regionally and globally. The city, known for its rich history and vibrant culture, is emerging as a hub for technology companies, particularly those operating in the Software industry. The varying size and scope of these companies underline the dynamic and diverse ecosystem of technological innovation thriving in Novi Sad today. From globally recognized brands to promising startups, here are some of the leading companies in the Software industry that call Novi Sad home.


Founded by Michael Qiu, SHAREit Technologies Co. LTD is an internet corporation focused on creating apps for the global market. Their popular products include SHAREit, CLONEit, CLEANit and SHAREit SD, designed for multiple platforms like Windows, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. SHAREit, their core product, is a cross-platform sharing app that eliminates the need for cables to enable wireless transfer of files at rapid speeds, allowing users to share with friends or transfer their personal content on the go.

INVT Novi Sad

In the fields of Artificial Intelligence, User Experience, Legal Tech and Privacy, INVT Novi Sad is making a significant impact. Founded by Milenko Tosic and Ognjen Ikovic, this team of experts is working on bringing complex aspects of privacy policies to end-users in an understandable manner. Their experience in developing mobile applications and online services has provided them the insight to tackle privacy policy challenges.


SemaphoreCI, co-founded by Darko Fabijan and Marko Anastasov, is a hosted continuous integration and delivery service for private and open-source projects. Its cloud solution helps developers catch bugs before they reach users and expedite the process of delivering new software features.


With a mission to assist software development professionals, drytools designs and develops tools that can aid in creating high-quality enterprise-grade applications. Founded by Dusko Vesin, Marko Gacesa, and Nikola Milinkovic, the company’s tools are designed to expedite the process of application development.


Co-founded by Milenko Beric and Nikola Teslic, RT-RK is a company dedicated to providing solutions in the realm of Embedded Software and Real-Time Software operating systems.

Vega IT

Vega IT, founded by Vladan Ostojic, specializes in Mobile Apps, Software and Web Development.


Co-founded by Branko Džakula, Milenko Jevremović, and Nebojša Lalić, UN1QUELY excels in providing high-quality software and peerless security. A part of the BrightMarbles Group Holding, they deliver expertise in all stages of the digital product lifecycle.


3Lateral, co-founded by Vladimir Mastilovic, specialises in creating characters and creatures for the gaming industry.

Schneider Electric DMS NS

Schneider Electric DMS NS is driving innovation in the field of Information Technology and Software.

Mad Head Games

Co-founded by Uros Banjesevic, Mad Head Games operates in the realm of Computer, PC Games and Software.


Founded by Dusko Rakin, Protech is a software engineering company that delivers complex software solutions. Specialising in computer vision and machine learning related software, Protech’s applications are developed as desktop, web, and mobile solutions.

In conclusion, the city of Novi Sad brings together an array of companies driving innovation in the Software and Apps industry. Their dedication and commitment to technological advancement are putting Novi Sad on the global tech map.

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