Leapdroid: A Rising Star in Vienna’s Machine Learning Industry

Vienna, the capital of Austria, continues to cement its place in the global technology landscape with corporates putting their roots deep into Machine Learning sector. The rich intellectual and artistic heritage of Vienna is propelling a new generation of machine learning startups that blend science and creativity to drive innovation. This article features some of the most influential machine learning companies headquartered in Vienna.

Machine learning, a subset of artificial intelligence that enables the software to learn, adapt, and evolve, has been embraced by a broad spectrum of industries in Vienna. Startups in health diagnostics, predictive analytics, big data, legal tech, and travel are leveraging machine learning to deliver transformative solutions.

So, what’s special about these companies? They are primed on innovation, possess a clear long-term vision, and are contributing to driving scientific and economic growth in Austria and beyond. The following eight companies are pushing the boundaries in their respective industries with the power of machine learning.


Founded by Klaudius Kalcher, Michael Platzer, and Roland Boubela, MOSTLY AI aims to revolutionize AI model development and software testing through the creation of synthetic data sets. These look as real as the original customer data and adhere to data protection regulations like GDPR. Their services are being leveraged by Fortune 100 banks and insurers in North America and Europe.
Twitter: @mostly_ai, LinkedIn:, founded by Daniel Schreiber and Francisco De Sousa Webber, aims to enhance business text processing with a meaning-based approach to natural language understanding. This trailblazing company has proven its ability to overcome language ambiguity and variability across numerous use cases and verticals.Twitter: @cortical_io, Facebook:, LinkedIn:


Co-founders Allan Hanbury, Georg Langs, Markus Holzer, and Rene Donner leveraged deep learning for contextflow’s 3D image-based search engine for radiologists. This powerful software can detect suspicious patterns in images and find visually similar cases and relevant information in seconds, greatly empowering medical professionals.Twitter: @contextflow_rad, LinkedIn:

ImageBiopsy Lab

The team at ImageBiopsy Lab have designed AI-based software for image analyses and workflow tasks in orthopaedic surgery, radiology, and traumatology. Co-founders Christoph Götz, Davul Ljuhar, Philip Meier, and Richard Ljuhar aim to automate the analysis of large numbers of low-risk, low-reimbursement MSK X-rays.Twitter: @imagebiopsylab, Facebook:, LinkedIn:


Allcyte, the brainchild of Berend Snijder, Giulio Superti-Furga, Gregory Vladimer, and Nikolaus Krall aims to revolutionize drug testing through their Pharmacoscopy high-content imaging platform. The company’s use of machine learning offers valuable insights for clients and aids in important biomedical decisions.Twitter: @allcyte, LinkedIn:


Under the leadership of founder Florian Seitner, emotion3D specializes in Human AI perception software for analysis of human bodies. This technology enhances personalized safety and user experiences in the automotive industry by spotting signs such as drowsiness, fatigue and other critical situations in real-time.LinkedIn:

weffect (a brand of STRATACT)

Proudly presenting weffect, a SaaS platform developed by Lennart Berkey, Michael Girstmair, Thomas Lang, and Thomas Urban. The weffect application uses personalized AI-based recommendations to nudge employees, encouraging them to share their own impact on the bottom line regularly.LinkedIn:

Ares Genetics GmbH

Last but not least, we present Ares Genetics GmbH, co-founded by Arne Materna. Though the details are scant, this intriguing company is undoubtedly a player in the realm of machine learning with a focus on biotechnology and health care.Website:

Vienna’s machine learning scene is flourishing, featuring a blend of well-established companies and exciting startups. The city’s unique fusion of history and innovation creates an energetic climate where these companies can thrive and contribute to the city’s growing reputation as a leading destination for cutting-edge tech businesses.

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