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How To Stalk Instagram Stories Without Anyone Knowing?

Do you want to peek at someone else’s Instagram story secretly? This sentiment is understandable because we have all had moments when we have just wanted to watch someone else’s Instagram story.

Instagram Stories have a unique draw that entices us to watch them. This raises the question, Is it possible to view Instagram stories and post anonymously? Yes, watching Instagram stories anonymously with a little effort is possible. In 2022, every method for secretly viewing someone’s Instagram story has been tried and tested.

There are several reasons why someone might want to watch an Instagram story in secret, and because there is no downside to doing so, we’re here to explain how to do it.

Why couldn’t users watch IG stories anonymously?

One of the major causes for why no one can use IG anonymously is the business model. Because its business model depends on users’ personal information and interests, Instagram does not support people being anonymous. Therefore, it is theoretically impossible to remain anonymous on Instagram.

And the other one includes that maybe you are not connected to a steady and dependable internet connection, and Instagram does not allow users to instantly preload several stories to enable instant viewing of other users’ Instagram stories.

Despite all these hurdles, you can still maintain your anonymity, though. You can see Instagram postings anonymously in various ways. So, let’s get started with it now without further ado.

Method 1: Use an IG Stories viewer for PC, Android, and IOS

One of the most widely used social media platforms right now is Instagram. The appealing feature is that you can upload media in various formats, including posts, reels, videos, IG TVs, and Stories.

Instagram stories are intriguing because they are only valid for 24 hours, and no one can view them anonymously. That is why many Instagram story viewers came into being. These services, which can be either websites or mobile apps, let users browse and download Instagram stories anonymously.

Instagram stories can also be seen on desktop computers, Android phones, iPhones, and other Apple-related devices using a third-party program called IG stories viewer.

With these IG story viewers, you can also anonymously view Instagram story highlights, IG reels, and Instagram posts.

What is an IG Stories viewer?

IG story viewer, also known as IG anon viewer, is an internet tool that allows you to view private Instagram stories of people you want to see without them being aware of it, without having to sign up for or enter into an Instagram account, users can access these programs to read other people’s stories.

These applications are the only solution for you to watch Instagram stories, reels, and posts anonymously, and some best of these IG stories viewers are listed below:

#1 is an insta story viewer by which you may be able to browse the insta-stories and other media of any public Instagram account while remaining completely anonymous.

You do not need to create an account to use the service, which is free. You can be confident that your identity will always stay a secret. As a result, you can watch Instagram stories without being concerned that the other user will ever find out.


Anonymous Browsing: this feature of permits you to remain anonymous while browsing multiple accounts. As a result, you don’t need to be concerned about leaving any evidence of your activities on the other person’s profile.

Simple user interface (UI): This application offers a simple user interface(UI) so that you may easily watch Instagram stories anonymously.

No Registration: You are not required to register or provide personal information to use You can view someone’s Instagram profile anonymously by searching for it.

No requirement for an account: Instagram account is not necessary to see Instagram stories on this site, which does not require you to log in with your Instagram accounts.

Different lang versions: With the help of, you can now browse Instagram stories in your native language while remaining anonymous. You can also choose from a wide variety of languages on InstaStories.

Possibility for downloading Stories, Videos, IGTV, Photos, and Highlights in different formats – MP4, JPEG: InstaStories. Watch allows you to watch Instagram stories and posts anonymously. However, you can also download them in other file types, such as JPEG and MP4, for images and movies.

Fast Page Loading: While you browse Instagram anonymously, Insta Stories guarantees a wonderful user experience with quick page loading.

100% Free: You may view IG stories without an account or paying fees.


  • Copy the profile’s URL or link if you wish to access it anonymously, then visit the page.
  • Copy and paste the link into the available search box, then hit “search.”
  • You will then be directed to the Instagram profile of the account you want to interact with anonymously. There, you can see anonymous Instagram posts and stories.
  • When you click on the post or story of your choice, a download button will appear at the bottom of the post. When you click on it, the download will begin.


Use the web app to explore Instagram without being identified. You may read and download any user’s stories, highlights, publications, and profile photographs from your computer and mobile device without signing up for an account or registering on Instagram.


Anonymous Browsing: Using this instagram stories anonymously viewer, you can browse several accounts while being anonymous. You don’t have to worry about leaving any proof of your actions on the other person’s profile as a result.

Simple UI: This program provides a user-friendly UI that makes it simple to view Instagram stories secretly.

No Registration: Using does not require you to register or give any personal information. You may look up someone’s Instagram profile and view it without their knowledge.

No account is necessary: You do not need an Instagram account to see Instagram stories on this website, and you are not required to log in using your Instagram accounts.

Different language versions: You may now view Instagram stories in your native language while keeping anonymous, thanks to On Storiesig, you can pick from a huge selection of languages.

Possibility for downloading Stories, Videos, IGTV, Photos, and Highlights in different formats – MP4, JPEG: allows you the option to see Instagram stories and posts anonymously and offers the ability to save Stories, Videos, IGTV, Photos, and Highlights in several file types, including MP4 and JPEG.

Fast Loading Speed: Storiesig promises a pleasant user experience with fast loading while you surf Instagram anonymously.

100% Free: There are no fees or accounts necessary to read Instagram stories.


  • If you wish to visit the profile anonymously, copy the URL or link. then go to
  • After pasting the link into the search box, click “search.”
  • You will then be taken to the account’s Instagram profile, where you can engage with it anonymously. There you can view Instagram stories and posts anonymously.
  • A download button will show up at the bottom of the selected post or story. The download will begin as you click on it.

Method 2: Turn on flight mode

One of the most popular methods for watching Instagram stories secretly is this one. Using Instagram with your device in flight mode ensures you have the privacy required to browse the app. When your phone is in flight mode, the internet connection is instantly cut off, allowing you to view only the preloaded content. They won’t let them know that you have read their stories.

Method 3: Use an alternative account for IG

Using burner accounts, which cannot be used to identify you, is another option to view stories anonymously. You can have a second account, but nothing is connecting you to it. This is crucial, especially if you want to monitor someone for a long time.


Can I watch IG anonymously?

Yes, you can watch it anonymously by the best private Instagram viewer.

Can I download IG highlights, reels, posts, and stories anonymously?

You can copy the IG user link and paste it into a web tool to look at reels, posts, and stories anonymously.

Can I view an Instagram account that blocked me?

You can watch their posts and stories by using IG Stories Viewer.

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