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How a Scheduling App Can Improve Your Salon

How a Scheduling App Can Improve Your Salon

Salons are just one important sector of the client-facing job industry. Like other parts of the client-facing job industry, good customer service is a must. Without good customer service, your customers will go elsewhere for their services. While many salon employees understand the importance of customer service and enjoy interacting with their clients, other customer service areas can get left behind. Scheduling appointments can often fall through the cracks as employees focus their attention on the services they provide. However, if customers can’t easily schedule an appointment, they won’t want to come to your salon for any of those services.

Thankfully, technology can help. Keep reading to learn about scheduling software and how a scheduling app can improve your salon.

24/7 Availability

Unless you want to pay massive amounts of overtime, you can’t have someone answering your phones 24/7 to take appointments. However, people remember that they need to book your services at all times on all different days. Scheduling software is the best way to stay available for these people without losing all your profits to overtime pay. If your salon has its own app, you can add a scheduling or service booking feature to it. That way, clients can make an appointment with the touch of a finger. If you don’t have an app, you can build this feature into your website for easy client access.

Better Communication

Information gets lost in translation all the time, including between your customers and salon employees. A customer may think they scheduled their next appointment for the first Thursday of next month, but your employee accidentally hears Tuesday. An employee may think they called and told the client what to expect during their Brazilian waxing session, but the client lost focus and only heard half of the information. Whatever the communication is, a scheduling app can help. These apps can send out reminders about appointments to both the client and your employee and include custom notes, such as the summary of a client consultation. With less confusion disrupting communication, your customers and employees will have a better experience at your salon.

Happier Work Environment

A scheduling app can improve your salon for your customers and employees. Starting their shift with a clear virtual calendar that stores all their appointment information is much easier than discerning handwritten notes on a physical calendar or listening to a handful of voicemails. With an easy start to their shift, employees will feel happier and more positive about how their day will go. This happiness translates directly into better customer service as they greet clients and perform services.

A scheduling app is a great way to make your salon more successful. You can add scheduling options to a website or invest in a mobile app for an ideal customer experience. With 24/7 availability and better, trusted communication, you can easily book more appointments and grow your business.

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