Exploring Mumbai’s Leapdroid: Pioneers in India’s Web Hosting Industry

Mumbai, the financial hub of India is known for its rapid pace and resilient spirit and it seems, the technology sector in the city is no different. The city has marked its place in the competitive world of web hosting and related services. Let us explore some of the city’s leading technology companies that are making a mark in the international business community.

Many of Mumbai’s technology firms are primarily focused on providing top-grade hosting solutions to businesses around the globe. From conventional web hosting services to cutting-edge cloud data services, these companies are on the front line of technological advancement, ensuring seamless digital operations for businesses across various industries.

In this list, you will find some of the most commendable companies, their background, key features, along with their official contact channels. This serves as an excellent place to start exploring Mumbai’s vibrant tech scene in the field of web hosting and associated services.

Netmagic Solutions

Founded by Sharad Sanghi, Netmagic Solutions is a key player in IT hosting services in India. Offering a multitude of services including Managed IT, Managed Hosting, Infrastructure Management, Cloud computing, Application Hosting, they have made a reputable name globally. Trusted by many international businesses, they have a stern focus on providing seamless and secure hosting solutions. Connect on: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.


BigRock, co-founded by Bhavin Turakhia, is a leading provider of web-presence solutions aiming to make website creation an affordable and easy process. With a variety of products including domain registration, business-class email services, web-hosting services, website builder product, and digital certificates, they’ve managed to help over 6 million domains worldwide. Connect on: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Web Werks Data Centers

Father-son duo Nikhil Rathi and Nishant Rathi founded Web Werks, a company offering web hosting, dedicated server, VPS server and hosting, as well as cloud hosting for small and medium-sized businesses. The company’s top-notch server support and value have made their mark since its establishment in 1996. Connect on: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.


ResellerClub is a part of the Directi Group, co-founded by Bhavin Turakhia. This business unit caters exclusively to wholesalers & resellers, providing products like domain registration, web hosting, digital certificates and other such web services. They have an impressive team and cater to more than 50,000re sellers in 236 countries. Connect on: Twitter, Facebook.


Established by Ajit Menon, QLC or QuantumLink Communication has been a pioneer in providing Internet and email productivity solutions in India. Their services extend from providing mail servers, email solutions and web hosting to digital marketing and more. Connect on: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Strad Solutions

Strad Solutions, founded by Karan Jaju, offers services related to cloud computing, financial services and web hosting. Connect on: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Chatur Ideas

Chatur Ideas founded by Devesh Chawla provide a dynamic platform for entrepreneurs to connect with investors and mentors. Apart from this, they also offer services related to financial services, web development and web hosting. Connect on: Twitter, Facebook.

Jd Omni

Jd Omni provides services in e-commerce platforms, information technology, software and web hosting, specializing in courier services. Connect on: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Intellect Software Solutions

Intellect Software Solutions extends their expertise in e-commerce, ERP, information technology, web design, web hosting and more, proving to be people’s genius solution for their software needs.

Triologic Media Solutions

Established by Yash Shah, Triologic Media Solutions offers a plethora of services in the tech space. They specialize in website designing, web hosting, domain purchases and email hosting. All of their products and services work towards providing quality web designs and customer satisfaction. Connect on: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Aadi Infotech

Aadi Infotech provides AI-powered website development services that not only establish but enhance the online presence for businesses. Their valuable services extend from website development, mobile apps development, digital marketing and web hosting. Connect on: Facebook, LinkedIn.

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