Exploring Leapdroid’s Proficiency in UX Design from Tokyo Headquarters

Exploring Leapdroid’s Proficiency in UX Design from Tokyo Headquarters

Leapdroid is excited to highlight a group of companies operating in User Experience Design, better known as UX Design, that are based out of Tokyo, Japan. The UX Design industry is integral to modern technology, as it focuses on enhancing user satisfaction by improving usability, accessibility, and desirability provided in the interaction with a product. From Artificial Intelligence to Software Development, all applications can greatly benefit from strong UX Design.

In Tokyo, there’s a plethora of companies striving to optimize the user experience where physical and digital worlds combine. They run the gamut from fledgling startups to established companies that have made their mark on the global technology landscape. Let’s take a closer look at these companies and see how they are propelling Japan’s technological prowess to new heights.

The diverse array of companies covered here proves how UX Design principles can be applied to every sector. Whether it’s creating engaging digital marketing campaigns or developing intuitive software products, UX Design has become a cornerstone of the digital era.


Focusing on the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, UX Design, and Virtual Reality, 1SEC is led by founder Hirokuni Miyaji and has a unique approach to bringing happiness to their customers in one second. The company creates and manages virtual influencers, merging fashion, music, and entertainment within their projects.


Operating in Information Technology and Software industry, bravesoft, led by Hoshi Tatsuya, provides services ranging from UI/ UX design to application consignment development service. With their in-house product events and appvisor push, the company also performs technical research to continuously innovate their offerings. Find them on Facebook and Twitter @bravesoft_inc.


STRARTS is a company operating within Advertising, Digital Marketing, UX Design, and Web Development sectors. Their services and products are aimed at enhancing user experience and improving customer satisfaction.


ANN is a UX Design and Web Design company focused on creating user-centric design solutions. Their intuitive and expertly crafted designs ensure a smooth digital user experience.


Avatta specializes in photogrammetry, facial scanning, three-dimensional design, and other imaging solutions. Founded in 2014 with headquarters in Tokyo, the company skillfully merges 3D Technology, Image Recognition, Information Technology, Photo Editing, Product Design, and Software industries. Find them on Facebook and Twitter @3DAvatta.


FUZE operates within the Information Technology, UX Design, Video, and Web Design industries. It is dedicated to creating a user-friendly digital environment that enhances user interaction. Check them out on Facebook.

Skydea K.K.

A creative team run by designer-entrepreneurs with roots in Silicon Valley and Boston, Skydea K.K. designs and builds websites and apps with the user and business in mind. You can find them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter @skydeakk.

Project Company

Operating in Business Development, Marketing, and UX Design, Project Company strives to create seamless user interfaces and experiences that foster business growth and customer satisfaction.


Knocknote explores the synergy between e-learning, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), and UX Design, under the leadership of founders Michio Suzuki and Yosuke Okumura. Find them on Facebook and Twitter @KnocknoteE.


Started by founder Kenjiro Harigai, THINKR operates within the Advertising, Art, Digital Media, UX Design and Video industries. Get to know more about them on Facebook and Twitter @thinkr_jp.


A company dedicated to Service Industry, UX Design, and Web Development, Classly provides services that emphasize excellent user experience to ensure customer satisfaction.

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