Exploring Leapdroid’s Innovations in Setagaya’s Thriving Software Tech Scene

Introducing the bustling tech hub of Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan, home to an array of ground-breaking Software and App companies. Laden with innovation and pioneering technology, Setagaya is a hotbed for promising tech start-ups and well-established giants of the software industry alike. This article will take you through a journey of some of the key companies that have been impressing the tech world with their revolutionary products and services.

Setagaya houses a diverse range of companies operating in a variety of sectors such as VoIP, AI, Beauty Tech, E-commerce, ICT, gaming, social media, architectural software, IT consulting and many other exciting niches. These companies are not just playing a leading role in the evolution of the software and app industry but are also contributing to the overall technology and innovation landscape of Japan.

Here, we aim to provide insightful details about each company, including their focus of business, the geniuses behind their inception, their core products or services, and relevant web links for those who wish to explore more about their engaging journeys.


Gaudiy, a company that operates at the cutting edge of blockchain technology, was founded by Ishikawa Yuya and Takuya Goto. Specializing in Meeting Software, Unified Communications and VoIP, Gaudiy has broken barriers with their product called Gaudiy Fanlink helps in maximizing fan heat. The platform applies blockchain technology like NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) and DID (Distributed ID) to create an IP community system that evaluates and rewards fan contributions. Check out their Twitter handle to stay updated with their latest offerings.


Launched by Hazumu Yamazaki, Empath has made strides in the Artificial Intelligence industry. Empath has created a unique Emotional AI, capable of identifying four distinct emotions – joy, calm, anger and sorrow from voices regardless of the language. The company has effectively employed machine learning, motion capture, and real-time software to pull off this technological feat. Explore more about Empath through their official Facebook page or their LinkedIn profile.


NIL offers services that stretch across beauty, information technology, IT Management, and software domains. The comprehensive range of these services span from planning, development, maintenance, to sales of various software development tools, research, development, software engineering links, and more. Their target industries mainly include automotive and medical systems.


Grabss offers an array of solutions in content, software, Web Design and Web Development. The company undertakes the production of web systems and software, with services encompassing design, development, and operation of web services like a unique call service and an instantaneous videoconferencing service.

Newelse Inc.

Founded by Shunji Sugaya, Newelse Inc specializes in E-Commerce and fashion software. Their innovative smartphone application, Wishfeed, allows users to discover and purchase clothes with ease.

Core Corporation

Core Corporation functions in the sphere of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Information Technology and Software. The corporation dedicates itself to providing businesses with ICT solutions, including software development and comprehensive system security. You can check out more about their services on their Linkedin profile.

Game Freak

Formed by Junichi Masuda, Ken Sugimori, and Satoshi Tajiri, Game Freak has become a household name for gaming enthusiasts around the world. You can follow their latest updates on their Facebook and Linkedin platforms.


SketchUp operates in architecture, civil engineering, consulting, interior design, software, and web design. Stay updated on their latest work and projects through their official Facebook and Linkedin platforms.

Anchor Japan

Anchor Japan operates in the gaming, social media, and software industry.


B-Com specializes in consulting, information technology, and software. Stay updated with them through their official Twitter handle.

Fujitsu Applications

Fujitsu Applications operates in computer, information technology, and software industry. You can learn more about their offerings on their Linkedin Profile.

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