Exploring Leapdroid: Thriving Information Technology Company in Roswell Georgia

Introducing the IT Industry Powerhouses Based in Roswell, Georgia

Operating at the epicenter of the world tech scene, Roswell, Georgia has established a notable reputation for birthing and nurturing several IT companies. Home to some of the world’s most innovative and trailblazing companies in the Information Technology industry, the city has remarkably attracted key players in various tech-niches, from software development to Cybersecurity, IT consulting, and recruiting. In this article, we will take you through a tour of some significant IT organizations head-quartered in Roswell, shining a light on their journey, operations and contributions to the global IT ecosystem


In the IT recruiting industry, Optomi leads with a significant impact. With a unique approach that puts consultants, employees, and clients at the forefront, Optomi, founded in 2012 by Todd Black and Michael Winwood, has achieved remarkable feats in deploying experienced business managers, project analysts, and other vital tech roles. Furthermore, the company’s adaptive response to innovative technologies and industry recruitment processes sets it apart.

BIAS Corporation

BIAS Corporation, a global system integrator specializing in the Oracle platform, serves customers in both the commercial and public sectors. BIAS Corporation offers IT expertise and delivers advanced solutions, and has a promising track record dating back to its foundation in 2000.


Next, we have Wursta, a company with a firm grip in the Cloud Data Services sector. With a promising outlook and industry presence, Wursta continues to provide valuable contributions to the IT sector from its base in Roswell.


In the Cybersecurity niche, Dispersive, founded by Robert W. Twitchell Jr, stands out with its virtual networking services for cloud, branch, mobile device, and embedded IoT. It boasts a unique approach and innovative, flexible solutions that enhance security, reliability, and performance across various industries.


Medistream, operating in the medical tech sector, offers remarkable solutions for healthcare providers. Their services include but not limited to revenue cycle management, end-to-end automated solutions to streamline payment processes, and efficiency improvement


Playing big in the sector of Cloud Computing and Internet of Things, Hashmap continues to thrive and contribute significant advancements to the IT industry.

Apex Human Capital Management

Addressing the need for efficient workforce management processes, Apex HCM has come a long way in providing scalable technology products, excellent customer service, and cloud-based solutions for payroll and other workforce management processes.

U.S. Security Associates

Providing vital security services, U.S. Security Associates offers premier national security services and global consulting and investigations, thereby enhancing the safety and security of numerous industries.

Aquitas Solutions

Optimizing asset performance is the main focus of Aquitas Solutions. The Consulting, Information Technology, Software company has continued to bring immense value to businesses across industries with their EAM and IoT solutions.


Offering comprehensive cyber security, IT, engineering services, and investigative service, 1FORCE strengthens its base in Roswell, showcasing an all-encompassing portfolio of world-class IT services.


Finally, we have M10TEK, a name with considerable weight in the Information Technology and Software Development sector. Although details of its operations are scarce, we can confidently say that M10TEK is a significant part of the IT community based in Roswell, Georgia.

This dive into the IT gems based in Roswell, Georgia, is intended to bring you a bit closer to the operations and aptitude of these companies. They continue to make waves in the global technology landscape with their ever-evolving and innovative contributions.

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