Exploring Leapdroid: Tel Aviv’s Pioneering Force in Machine Learning Software

Exploring Leapdroid: Tel Aviv’s Pioneering Force in Machine Learning Software

Machine Learning is currently one of the hottest topics in the world of technology. This rapidly growing field uses algorithms to automatically learn from data, improve with experience, and predict outcomes or make informed decisions. Today, we turn our spotlight towards Tel Aviv, a vibrant city known as a hub for technology and innovation. This urban locus has become an attraction for companies specializing in Machine Learning from all corners of the world. In this article, we are covering a selection of prominent Machine Learning companies in Tel Aviv, that are making significant strides in their respective areas.

These companies, ranging from start-ups to established firms, are utilizing Machine Learning in diverse industries such as healthcare, e-commerce, cybersecurity, agriculture, and more. Their unique models and innovative software applications are helping businesses and various sectors improve efficiency, transform their processes, and deliver unprecedented value to their end users.

It’s a privilege to get to know such innovative entities and their contributions to the Machine Learning sphere. So without further ado, let’s explore these companies and understand what makes them exceptional in their unique ways.

AI21 Labs

Founded by Ori Goshen and Yoav Shoham, AI21 Labs operates in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Software. This tech start-up is dedicated to the development of AI systems that have an exceptional capacity for understanding and generating natural language. Connect with AI21 Labs on LinkedIn.

MDI Health

MDI Health, founded by Avishai Ben-Tovim and Dr. Dorit Dil Nahlieli, uses Machine Learning to provide unique decision support tools for personalized drug treatments. Their AI-powered platform ensures early detection of medication-related problems and optimizes the balance between the effectiveness and safety of the treatment. Find MDI Health on LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Avi Baum, Hadar Zeitlin, and Orr Danon, Hailo is a company that develops specialized deep learning microprocessors that bring data center performance to edge devices. Their processors simplify the handling and processing of large data volumes from remote sensors, contributing to the advancement of artificial intelligence technology. Connect with Hailo on LinkedIn, Facebook, or on Twitter @Hailo_ai.


Zencity, founded by Eyal Feder-Levy and Ido Ivri, leverages AI and big data to revolutionize how local governments make decisions. Their unique platform helps cities comprehend their residents’ needs and priorities, effectively eliminating guesswork from policymaking procedures. Connect with Zencity on LinkedIn, Facebook, or on Twitter @zencityio.


Co-founded by Pini Yakuel and Shachar Cohen, Optimove is a relationship marketing hub that uses AI to deliver measurable growth to customer-centric businesses. Their technology suite enhances customer experience and retention through personalized multi-channel campaigns. Find Optimove on LinkedIn, Facebook, or on Twitter @optimove.


Founded by Avi Kasztan and Elad Lavi, Cybersixgill offers businesses robust threat intelligence solutions, using AI to detect and guard against cyber threats and data leaks. Their AI technology enhances the cybersecurity resilience of enterprises, ensuring real-time risk minimization. Connect with Cybersixgill on LinkedIn, Facebook, or on Twitter @cybersixgill.


TailorMed, a health IT company founded by Adam Siton and Srulik Dvorsky, uses Machine Learning and automation to streamline the co-pay assistance and free drug order processes. In doing so, they reduce financial toxicity for patients and enhance efficiencies in healthcare provisions. Connect with TailorMed on LinkedIn, Facebook, or on Twitter @TailorMedTweet.


Founded by Alon Sheafer, Amos Talmor, Nir Cohen, and Yoav Izhar-Prato, Skai leverages artificial intelligence to offer consumer insights, strategic planning, and omnichannel media activation to brands and retailers. Skai enables businesses to make smarter decisions and achieve better outcomes. Connect with Skai on LinkedIn, Facebook, or on Twitter @skaicommerce.

BlackSwan Technologies

Founded by Michael Ouliel, BlackSwan Technologies is an AI software company revolutionizing data acquisition through its AI product, ELEMENT. By leveraging the data they possess and collecting new types of data from unlimited sources, organizations can optimize decision-making capacities. Connect with BlackSwan Technologies on LinkedIn, Facebook, or on Twitter @BlackSwanTechn1.

Co-founded by Ofer Razon and Oren Razon, enables businesses to monitor the health of their AI environments using their AI Assurance platform. Its notable features include AI performance management, bias detection, explainability, and AI analytics capabilities. Connect with on LinkedIn, Facebook, or on Twitter @SuperwiseAI.


Co-founded by Avi Keren, Ido Senesh, and Thai Elgrabli, BloomX is an AgTech company that uses AI to improve the pollination process, thereby enhancing crop yield and uplift growers’ revenue. The company fuses technology with nature’s most critical process. Connect with BloomX on LinkedIn.

These Tel Aviv-based Machine Learning companies are contributing significantly to the adoption of Machine Learning in different sectors, pushing the frontiers of knowledge, and transforming industries. Their groundbreaking technologies are driving major breakthroughs and have set high standards for others to follow. We look forward to watching these companies grow, inspire, and revolutionize the Machine Learning world.

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