Exploring Leapdroid: Swindon’s Sterling Contribution to Software Innovation

Welcome to Leapdroid, your reliable source for updates on software companies in the UK. As part of our series on businesses situated in the software industry, we focus today on the city of Swindon, Wiltshire. A city known for its strong tech-industry ties and opportunities, it’s become a hotbed of innovation for software companies. The region boasts a vast array of tech companies, driving innovation across industries such as human resources, healthcare, and automotive technology.

In the following, we will highlight some of the companies making waves within the software industry in the area. Each subsection will provide further details about the company, including a brief bio, their website, and their social media handles to keep you connected with their latest developments.

Finally, it’s worth noting that as an enclave within the United Kingdom’s tech and software industries, Swindon hosts a range of companies that each play a unique role within the broader digital landscape. The selection below, therefore, is a testament to the region’s thriving tech scene and the diverse applications of software technology in Swindon.


Goodtalent is a human resource and software company that is distinctive for its application of information technology in recruitment procedures. Founded by Jimmy Braimah and other team members, Goodtalent offers a fintech-enabled talent marketplace to crowdsource, screen and hire software engineers. Connect with Goodtalent on Twitter handle @goodtalentcorp and their LinkedIn account.

Manor Solutions

Located in Swindon, Manor Solutions operates prominently in the field of Information Services, Information Technology, and Software. You can follow their Twitter @manorsolutions or connect with them on LinkedIn.

CMS Global Technologies

CMS Global Technologies has been a trailblazer in automotive, information technology, mobile, and software industries. The firm specializes in delivering cost-effective, flexible vehicle tracking and mobile working solutions. Connect with them on Twitter at @cmssupatrak and LinkedIn.

Silicon Practice

Silicon Practice is making strides in healthcare through software solutions. They improve practice productivity by encouraging patients to utilize their digital triage solution. You can follow them on @siliconpractice, Facebook and connect with them on LinkedIn.


Addresscloud offers software services that allow for the locating and description of addresses with rooftop level accuracy. They are notably trusted by businesses from start-ups to global corporations worldwide. Connect with them on @addresscloud, Facebook and LinkedIn.

ISL Online

Founded by Damjan Pipan, Jure Pompe and others, ISL Online is focused on developing and marketing on-demand remote support software globally. They have more than 100,000 business users worldwide. You can follow them on @isl_online, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Lightworks is an award-winning professional non-linear editing software company established by Peter Lambert and others. Connect with them via @ESLightworks, Facebook and LinkedIn.


OATS Ltd is a leading supplier of information and productivity solutions for oil companies worldwide. Follow them on @oats_ltd and connect with them on LinkedIn.


Founded by Andy Jefferies and Bill Hart, Ntegra is an independent consultancy and IT managed services organisation. They offer high quality advice, expertise and managed services to help their clients maximise value from IT. Follow their updates on @ntegra and connect with them on LinkedIn.


Evo-soft is dedicated to implementing and supporting Microsoft Dynamics 365 business central for clients who want to optimize their business processes. Connect with them on @EvoSoftUK and LinkedIn.

Stilo International

Stilo International specializes in helping organizations automate the conversion of their content into different XML formats. Follow them on @stiloint and connect with them on LinkedIn to stay updated on their offerings.

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