Exploring Leapdroid: Pioneering Android Emulation in Germantown’s Tech Industry


The IT industry is constantly evolving, and the United States is home to some of the best innovation hubs. Among these, Germantown, Maryland stands out for its variety of IT and software companies which have made significant advancements in technology. From biotechnology to digital media, these companies bring a wide range of services and products to the IT industry worldwide. This article highlights those innovative businesses that have their headquarters in Germantown, and provides a closer look at who they are, and what they offer.


In the unique cross-section of Biotechnology and Information Technology, you’ll find 3i DIAGNOSTICS. The company, founded by Rajesh Krishnamurthy, specializes in both sectors along with providing professional services. For more information, head over to their LinkedIn page.


Visybl is an Information Technology entity that’s innovating in the Internet of Things (IoT) space. Founded by Arun Nedunchezian and PV Subramanian in 2015 to monitor high-value physical assets, Visybl offers pivotal business intelligence solutions. Learn more about them on their LinkedIn page or follow them on Twitter @visybl.


Modernizing the HR and staffing industry is 133T. Founded by Karim Harvey, this company focuses on information technology, social media, and software engineering to provide efficient job solutions. Follow them on Twitter, check their Facebook page, or visit their LinkedIn for more details.


Founded by Alan Park, FluentU is a famous name in the software industry. For regular updates and insights, you can engage with them on Twitter or check their Facebook page.


Hughes is a major player in the information technology world, providing broadband satellite services, products, and managed network solutions. Besides, their services also extend to the fields of digital media, telecommunications, and consumer electronics among others. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook, and visit their LinkedIn for latest updates.


Appsential, co-founded by Kirby Brace and Sonali Chaturvedi, is another enterprise excelling in IT and software. They specialize in CRM and are worth following on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Idea Fabrik

For game enthusiasts, Idea Fabrik is worth checking out. The brainchild of Alex Shalash, the firm explores gaming, IT, and internet platforms. Check their Twitter for updates.

MEP Health

MEP Health is founded by Angelo Falcone and is at the intersection of healthcare and IT. They are active on LinkedIn.

Comtech Mobile Datacom Corporation

Comtech Mobile Datacom Corporation is another leading company in the IT industry. Visit their LinkedIn page for more about their services and offerings.

Ultra Electronics, 3eTI

Ultra Electronics, 3eTI excels in the world of IT and security. You can follow them on Twitter and get to know about their work on their LinkedIn page.

PTG International

Specializing in IT, analytics, and measurement tests, PTG International is an impactful company in the IT industry. Interact with them on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn to learn more.

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