Exploring Leapdroid: Milan’s Pioneers in Advanced Information Technology Solutions

Exploring Leapdroid: Milan’s Pioneers in Advanced Information Technology Solutions

Italy, renowned for its rich history, culture, and arts, has also begun to establish a name for itself in the realm of Information Technology (IT). Nestled in the heart of Milano, Lombardia, a select roster of IT companies is pushing the envelope, developing innovative software and applications, and fundamentally changing the game within the industry. These companies seamlessly integrate the latest technology trends and unparalleled creativity in their services, lending the digital landscape of Italy an impressive competitive edge on the global stage.

Featuring companies across various IT subsets including E-Commerce, Digital Entertainment, Cyber Security, and Artificial Intelligence, we delve into their unique stories, visions, and revolutionary contributions to the technological era. Here, in our latest series dedicated to homegrown IT companies in Milano, Lombardia, we bring the spotlight on these technology giants that have leveraged innovation, resilience, and ingenuity to become leaders in their respective fields.

Get ready to embark on a journey that connects the old-world charm of Milano with the dynamic and thrilling realm of cutting-edge technology. Through this series, we explore how these companies stand at the forefront of the IT industry, setting the pace for their global counterparts and taking Italy’s digital transformation to new heights.


ProntoPro, an E-Commerce powerhouse in Italy, was started by Marco Ogliengo and Silvia Wang. From its headquarters in Milano, the company provides a marketplace for professional services and caters to customer satisfaction as their topmost priority. With consistent growth and the backing of financiers from significant corporate players like Facebook and Google, ProntoPro has expanded significantly over the years, providing intriguing opportunities for young and brilliant minds wishing to contribute to creating a new business giant from scratch. (Facebook), (Linkedin), (Twitter)


Founded by Giorgio Tacchia, Stefano Flamia, and Stefano Parisi, CHILI is an entertainment juggernaut that has redefined the digital entertainment space. With an impressive library thanks to partnerships with leading production companies and indie labels, CHILI offers a comprehensive range of entertainment services from cinema ticket booking to on-demand movie streaming on various platforms. From a start-up in 2012, the company has expanded its operations to other European countries including the UK, Germany, Poland, and Austria, under their steady founders and well-reputed subsidiaries such as HotCorn and CineTrailer. (Facebook), (Linkedin)


Growens, a digital and email marketing denizen established by Alberto Miscia, Luca Azzali, Matteo Bettoni, and Matteo Monfredini, develops predictive marketing and content creation technologies. Based in Milano, the organization focuses on delivering effective communication tools for businesses, selling email service provider business, and fostering a design, global vision, and local community attention. (Facebook), (Linkedin), (Twitter)


Cyberangels, established by Andrea Toponi and Fabrizio Cardinali, presents a comprehensive, AI-based cyber protection platform tailored for small and medium businesses. This firm empowers businesses by assessing cyber risk, generating remediation measures, preventing potential attacks, and minimizing losses through cyber insurance. (Linkedin)


Located in the heart of Milano, MainStreaming, a brainchild of Antonio G. Corrado, Giovanni Proscia, and Philippe Tripodi, provides top-tier live video delivery at scale through EDGE networks. The company focuses on optimizing live viewing experiences, offering integral support to many deep EDGE delivery networks. (Facebook), (Linkedin), (Twitter)


Futura, an e-learning and education company via co-founders Andrea Salvatore Chirolli, Francesco Mario Salvatore, and Lorenzo Pinto, is a leading player that delivers personalized learning using a data-driven approach. Operating from Lombardia, the company designs modular classes to accommodate the individual needs of students. (Facebook), (Linkedin), (Twitter)


Golee, founded by Felice Biancardi, offers a SaaS solution for sports clubs’ digital transformation. Through its platform, the company helps sports clubs speed up their activities, bolster communication, and earn more money, stepping into the digital era with vigor. It serves over 1500 sports clubs, transforming the digitized face of sports in Italy. (Facebook), (Linkedin)


ISAAC, led by Alberto Bussini, provides smart seismic protection technologies for existing buildings. The company has developed disruptive tech for earthquake protection, minimizing the risk of damages during seismic activities. (Facebook), (Linkedin)


Incorporated by Marco Orifici and Pasquale Bombino, IIO is an AI-based company known for its advances in voice and language learning technologies. It provides an open B2B2C VaaS ecosystem unique for its empathic, secure, context-aware, and multi-channel and interoperable features, allowing for seamless and intuitive conversational experiences. (Linkedin)


TNet, helmed by Francesco Mazzola, has developed an advanced Middleware for Smart Cities and Smart Road solutions. This company excels in harnessing the power of IoT and IT Management, providing innovative solutions for network security and smart cities. (Facebook), (Linkedin), (Twitter)


Emotiva, founded by Andrea Lori, Andrea Sempi, and Lorenzo Corbo in Milano, is an AI-based company that specializes in measuring human attention and affective states. Through advanced machine learning algorithms and computer vision, Emotiva can effectively analyze micro facial movements, providing insights about individuals’ emotional states. (Facebook), (Linkedin), (Twitter)

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