Exploring Houston-Based Leapdroid’s Impact on the iOS App Industry

Welcome to another insightful feature on Leapdroid. In this week’s edition, we are taking a closer look at some exceptional software and app companies situated in Houston, Texas, United States. These companies are major players in the iOS industry, contributing significantly to developments within the sector. From artificial intelligence to web development and mobile technology, these companies showcase Houston’s standing on the iOS technology landscape.

With companies at the cutting-edge of artificial intelligence, mobile application development, web development, and more, Houston offers a wealth of opportunities for innovation in the iOS industry. As home to these leading-edge companies, Houston is strongly emerging as a hub for iOS development in the country. This article provides an overview of the profile of these companies, including their founders, industry, description, and contact details.

Join us now as we delve into an exclusive exploration of these companies operating in the iOS sector. We will be focusing on ten different companies. Each subheading contains the profile, services, industry focus, and contact links for each company. Enjoy, as you explore the remarkable exploits of these companies in the iOS industry.

X-Byte Enterprise Solutions

Co-founded by Bhavesh Parekh and Kulmohan Singh, X-Byte Enterprise Solutions is a progressive technology company with specialities in Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, iOS, Mobile, Software, and Web Development. The company has a vision of enriching businesses, startups, and enterprises with cutting-edge development and technology services. They have provided over 625+ Web & Mobile Apps far, covering 12+ Industries.

Rocket App Builder

Under the leadership of founders Emily Bass and Richard Bass, the Rocket App Builder specializes in apps for Android and iOS platforms.


Founded by Chris Boyd, Apptitude has for over nine years, focused on creating native apps for iOS and Android with unmatched performance and client-centric approach to their operations.

Mobisoft Infotech

Mobisoft Infotech, an award-winning company was founded in 2009 by Nitin Lahoti, Pritam Barhate, Ravindra Waghmare, and Ritesh Patil. They have helped enterprises achieve their business goals through mobile initiative and mobility-driven solutions.


Voxofon LLC is a Houston-based company offering innovative and advanced VoIP communication services with a strong emphasis on mobile technology.

FangTooth Studios

FangTooth Studios was founded by Ayham Nahhas, Nour Baki, Tanvir Aman, and Wisam Nahhas, and has been providing top-quality apps for iOS and Android.

Cargo Spectre

Cargo Spectre is a manufacturing company that offers to measure the weight, and volume of freight, including pallets.


Stratopy, the science of creative innovation, provides customized mobile applications and solutions to businesses to give them a competitive edge in all areas.

Gold Hydrogen

Gold Hydrogen specializes in providing app solutions for iOS

Gorilla Safety

Mark Walton founded Gorilla Safety, a company focused on fleet management, information technology, iOS, SaaS, and software industry.


MallWise, LLC, founded by Jesse Mills and Scott Muster, developed a high-value, hyperlocal advertising platform for all malls and shopping centers.

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