Dallas Web Development Innovators: Profiling Leapdroid’s Software Solutions

Dallas Web Development Innovators: Profiling Leapdroid’s Software Solutions

Texas’ vibrant city, Dallas, is home to many leading web development companies that are transforming the industry with their innovative solutions. Web developers in Dallas excel in various areas, including data integration, web hosting, logistics, social collaboration tools, software engineering, consumer reviews, enterprise software, CRM, and many more. Each company brings something unique to the flourishing web development scene in Dallas and this article will explore that individuality further. The article will delve not only into the companies’ excellent services but also their origins, founders, and mission, tracing their journey in the web development industry.

These Dallas-based web development companies are pioneers in their field, creating revolutionary software, mobile and web applications, and CRM systems that have had a significant impact on how businesses operate. Now, let’s look at some of the companies that are leading in this industry.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the companies below:


Founded by Andres Fabris and Andy Chen, Traxo focuses on data integration, loyalty programs, travel, and web development. The company has established a traveler data capture and visibility platform that eliminates blind spots and enhances duty of care. Companies can keep track of and manage omnichannel travel activity in a single, real-time system by utilizing Traxo’s platform. Follow Traxo on social media platforms like @Traxo, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


DartPoints, founded by Hugh Carspecken, Jeff Noland, and Loren Long, specializes in web browsers, web development, and web hosting. @dartpoints is the Twitter handle to keep up with DartPoints’ latest updates.


Jason Taylor and Justin White are behind Selery, a unique one-stop-shop logistics provider catering to small and medium eCommerce businesses. Selery’s personalized services, packaging, and technology help stand out in the crowded eCommerce market. You can follow them on @seleryit and Facebook.

Telligent Systems

Telligent Systems, founded by Rob Howard, offers an enterprise-grade social community suite. Telligent powers social communities for more than 3,000 companies worldwide.


Founded by Rene Larrave, MangoChango offers software engineering services to clients around the world. Stay updated with them on LinkedIn.

Activated Insights

Activated Insights assists senior care providers in gathering feedback from employees and residents. They provide software solutions designed to enhance consumer reviews and overall web development. Connect with them on their LinkedIn profile.

Eleviant Tech

Eleviant Tech, founded by Jude Ramayya, provides a range of tech solutions, focusing on mobile, cloud, web, IoT, AR, RPA, and AI technologies.

Ascendix Technologies

Todd Terry and Wesley D. Snow founded Ascendix Technologies, a company that focuses on CRM development, setup, and customization.


Flexsin, founded by Satya Sharma is an established software development company catering solutions to startups, SMBs, and Enterprises.

Aezion Inc. Custom Software Development

Founded by Chris Kambala, Aezion Inc. Custom Software Development is a leading web software and mobile application development company based in Dallas, Texas.

Medium Giant

Medium Giant is a company that focuses on brand marketing, marketing, and web development. They work to connect businesses with the right audiences at the right time and place.

In conclusion, whether you are seeking a software solution, a complex web application, or innovative AI technologies, these Dallas-based web development companies offer a diverse range of services. These enterprises contribute significantly to the thriving web development landscape in Dallas, Texas.

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