Bridgewater’s Leapdroid: Pioneering New Heights in Emulator Software Innovation

There is a growing hub of technology and software innovation tucked away in Bridgewater, New Jersey. This suburban town is home to a number of leading software companies providing innovative solutions across several industries. From information technology to pharmaceutical, renewable energy, human resources, and more – let’s uncover the dynamic and diverse ranks of software developers nestled in this quiet corner of the Garden State.

These companies distinguish themselves through their cutting-edge products, robust services, and the significant impacts they make in their respective industries. Regardless of size or recognition, they all contribute to the vibrant and evolving tech landscape of New Jersey – and indeed, the wider world.

Join us as we take a closer look at these industry pioneers, their groundbreaking products, and the ingenious people behind them. Let’s uncover the story of Bridgewater’s software company boom, one innovative company at a time.


Focused on the pharmaceutical and life sciences sector, Viseven is a global services provider delivering top-tier marketing technology solutions. Co-founded by Nataliya Andreychuk, Roman Vasylenko, and Slava Vasylenko, the company boasts over a decade of experience and serves top 50 Pharma and Life Sciences firms across 30 countries. Follow them on @VisevenMarTech and Facebook. Learn more about their team and enterprise on LinkedIn.

Noveda Technologies

Co-founded by Edward Brzezowski, Noveda Technologies provides web-based energy monitoring solutions. These tools help optimize building performance, monitor renewable energy production and reduce carbon footprints. The company was established in 2006. Check their updates via @noveda on Twitter and on Facebook. You can also connect with them on LinkedIn.


Spearheading the revolution in HR tech, SaaShr was founded by Bill Loss. It offers workforce management applications using a private label model. Their software-as-a-service applications cater to SMBs. Follow their updates on @SaaShr and on Facebook.


Founded by Erik Sieverding, iContracts provides robust contract and compliance management solutions. Their wide array of services and software aims to simplify and optimize the contract management process. Connect with them through @iContracts, Facebook or on LinkedIn.


Jefferson Wagener and Thomas Strasser co-founded Nistica, focusing on agile optical modules. Founded in 2005, their solutions aim to automate and simplify high bandwidth application delivery.

Radview Software

Established by Ilan Kinreich, Radview Software is a leading provider of application performance and load testing software. They have served over 3,500 global customers to ensure that their internet applications are reliable and scalable. Stay updated with their announcements on @RadViewSoftware, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Zealogics, co-founded by Jacob Mathew, offers IT consulting, system implementation, and application outsourcing services. With their optimized global delivery model, Zealogics utilizes value engineering techniques to create world-class products. You can connect with them on LinkedIn.


Established by Amit Ghodasara, iSmartRecruit is changing the game of recruiting with their innovative software. Stay updated with their announcements on @iSmartRecruit, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Adirondack Solutions

Co-founded by David Kritz and Randi Schweriner, Adirondack Solutions serves the academic community with user-friendly software. Connect with them on @ADKsolutions, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Kim Technologies

Identified as an AI Leader, Kim Technologies was established by Richard Yawn. Their machine learning solutions enabled users in 37 countries and bolster numerous Global 3000 clients. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


Last but certainly not least, Datanomics, co-founded by James Horton, offers technology solutions in the realm of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and other IT services.

All these companies have established their strong presence in the software industry and continue to make Bridgewater, New Jersey, United States, a renowned hub for technological advancement and digital innovation.

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